Artist Statement: Inspired by Mother Nature and our Universe. I see the beauty in the Moment and try to pass it gently to others, through my photographs. I try to create a synergy of photo-professionalism with a boyish approach. I'm photographing LIFE. My photos -just a real simplicity but sometimes they seem extremely complicated, however all of them very simple and happy, it's "insouciance" with a touch of "mischief." Beauty is allways near - just stop for a moment and look!

Yevhen Samuchenko Green-serenity | 90x60cm | Digital photography
Yevhen Samuchenko On-the-waves-of-a-Green-ocean | 30x45cm | Photography
Yevhen Samuchenko Between-yellow-shore-and-green-ocean-waves | 90x53cm | Photography
Yevhen Samuchenko Serenity | 150x100cm | Photography