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Artist Statement: Daily life in the western world is overflowing with stimuli that continuously force our senses to the limit of their abilities. In my photographs I seek to capture the simplicity and tranquility of natural environments and to share my experience of nature’s soul. I paint with the colors that the natural light gives me. My camera is my brush. My work is often described by others as abstract, impressionist and painterly. My style is distinct and pure, characterized by coarse grain, overexposure, soft focus and the effects created by how I move my camera during the shot. I like experimenting and exploring the limits of what the camera can handle. I mostly work in nature where I immerse myself in the sights, colors and sounds of the natural surroundings. I am a purist and choose to create the abstract and impressionist effects as seen in my photographs, using only camera settings. Photo software is used only to remove dust or to adjust brightness, contrast and cropping to improve my compositions. I do not use digital editing tools or filters. The titles of my photos are an important element of the entire work of art. In addition, I often write a short poem or prose to a photo. -o- The three photos of my submission, I made in a beautiful old forest in Denmark, near the city of Hurup Thy. The photos are made in winter, when wind and light have free play between the bare trunks of the deciduous trees. The pine trees provide a beautiful winter green, a morning mist dampens the colors and sounds. Memories wander through the quiet forest ...

Jacob Berghoef Wandering-memories | 80H x 120W centimeters | Photography
Jacob Berghoef Weeping-wind | 80H x 120W centimeters | Photography
Jacob Berghoef Colonnade-of-the-giants | 80H x 120W centimeters | Photography