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Artist Statement: I am an ordinary person like everyone else. However, life gave me a unique gift, the need and the ability of creativity. My talent lands in a wide variety of subjects, however is shown strongest through my artistic paintings. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to become a painter. With my grandfather’s help, who used to be a gallery owner, I came across a wide variety of artistic studios. Today, almost 40 years of being a self-taught professional artistic painter, I live from my art and for my art . I created my own world combining realism with a pinch of romance, nostalgia, and always a drop of surrealism. I like to have a common theme in my exhibitions, which very distinctly connects all the paintings. I can feel my paintings bringing feelings of positivism, beauty and love for life. As they leave my studio, I feel my paintings taking a part of my soul. The colors of my paintings fill their new home with hope, peace, joy and happiness. Nowadays, where life might be difficult and extremely demanding, it is the art’s responsibility to make our lives a little bit brighter.

TIBOR FULOP THE-LAST-WAVE----LESVOS-- | 7293 cm | oil on canvas