Artist Statement: Anton Hoegers award winning paintings are apolitical and not moralizing. This realism, which is less prone to portray reality than to establish a reality, rejects any emphasis and any dramatic sensation or satirical intent in a work of art. They are authentic creations, delimited from the abstract and from what one might call contemptuously illustrative. He tries to reproduce the found or invented motif in such a way that, as an artist, he gives the viewer the feeling of encountering a new reality that has more weight than a mere image. For the public is particularly interesting the dimension of the "narrative" of his work. The today's "homo narrans" is fascinated by good stories in almost all areas of life. It is important for him to recognize the "avant-garde" in his art. I show people in their time, their environment, their situation. Always questioning the “being”. I let the observer slip into the figure of the depicted and himself according to self-assessment, intellectual foreknowledge, and but above all his own being (in the sense of José Ortega y Gasset ) he will have to face his own nature. Interesting, of course, and that is in contrast to the conventional “figurative painting”, the multi-layered interpretation options.

Anton Hoeger The-Butterfly-Catcher | 180cm x 150cm | Oil on Linnen
Anton Hoeger Procession | 160cm x 220cm | Oil on Linnen
Anton Hoeger At-the-18th-hole | 200cm x 150cm | Oil on Linnen
Anton Hoeger David&Goliath | 120xm x 140cm | Oil on Linnen
Anton Hoeger 3-Graces | 160cm x 120cm | Oil on Linnen