Artist Statement: Until a few years ago, Marcia didn’t consider herself an artist. Her work in technical fields meant taking a straightforward, rather rigid approach to problem solving. Her first camera was bought when she was 10, and every penny she could beg, borrow or earn was spent on film. Her emphasis was in capturing what was in front of her. In other words, she took very literal photographs. Being shy, she, mostly, took pictures of inanimate objects - nature, buildings, and waterscapes. When she retired, it became imperative to do new things. Taking courses in subjects she had never studied, her interest in drawing, painting and photography became apparent. She rapidly discovered that no single material or set of techniques satisfied her completely. Today, her art displays her vision – love of nature and it’s beauty, love of the man-made, the power and possibilities of man’s structures and their interactions with the world around them. – love of the non-physical, the possibilities of what never existed, the emotions of the inanimate, the communication of that which has no mouth or external sound. Creating art has lead to a desire to show existence through the senses and emotions and has resulting in her concentrating on more than one form of artistic endeavor: her ‘fractured fotographs’, and images she captures through ‘realistic’ digital photographs. Marcia’s ‘fractured fotographs’ are computer manipulations of ‘as taken’ photos into something that does not exist but is, instead, a changed form of beauty. She tries, through those pictures to reflect a more general truth about the subject and it’s interaction with the viewer. Often that means focusing attention on parts of the whole that are not usually noticed or creating a new ‘image’ that bears no relationship to its origins. In her ‘realistic’ photographs she still tries to capture objects not usually noticed.

MarciaBerg Haskell City-Street | 13H x 19W | Digital Photograph
MarciaBerg Haskell Scituate-Harbor | 13W x 19H | Digital Photograph
MarciaBerg Haskell Southwest-5 | 19W x 13H | Manipulated Digital Photograph