Artist Statement: Jeremy Schilling paints the moments and feelings which are difficult or challenging to say out loud to others. An ever-continuing, introspective narration of thoughtful reflections, Jeremys artwork explores the human psyche and the internal conflicts which dwell within it. He pushes the relationships between figures and their environments. In Jeremys current series “The Overview Effect” his artwork focuses on astronauts and space, specifically exploring the concept of the space suit and how it acts as a shield between a person and their environment. Using oil paint and watercolors, these images are emotionally charged and deal with isolation, accepting change, and various internal conflicts. Jeremy Schilling is currently represented by AU Gallery in Bostons south end. Jeremy grew up in Connecticut where he was trained as a landscape painter before he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied Illustration.

Jeremy Schilling Diffusion | 24X24 Inches | Oil on Canvas
Jeremy Schilling On-My-Way-Into-Work-I-Pass-the-House-I-Grew-Up-In | 18X44 Inches | Oil on Canvas
Jeremy Schilling Fade-Away-A-Fleeting-Memory | 16X20 Inches | Oil on Masonite