Artist Statement: I have long been inspired by the magical and luminous artwork of the Old Masters, the Hudson River School artists, and others. My artistic journey was fueled by studying French Art and History in Paris, France in the early 1990s. I’ve walked the same terrain of some of the great artists, and painted at some of the same locations they did. My artistic journey continues to expand to broader strokes of color and a deeper appreciation of what the paint demands of me on the canvas, not a reflection of the landscape that lays out before me. These places give my work an initial direction, but the paintings always take a life of their own. My paintings are a reflection of how I see the world and I often get lost in the creation. Through the use of different techniques, including abandoning the brush and using my hands and rags, I directly connect with the painting. There is a kind of magic that happens when you are completely in the moment of painting. A viewer’s enjoyment of my art is an individual experience. I provide an initial jumping off point, and then they are transported to their own special place.

Paul Gala Dawns-Early-Light | 24 x 24 | Oil on Aluminum
Paul Gala Floraplosion | 12 x 12 | Oil on Aluminum
Paul Gala Into-the-Eye | 14 x 18 | Oil on Aluminum
Paul Gala Kinetic-Rhymes | 12 x 12 | Oil on Aluminum
Paul Gala Simple-Twist-of-Fate | 24 x 36 | Oil on Aluminum
Paul Gala Unrestricted | 24 x 24 | Oil on Aluminum
Paul Gala Unsilenced-Grasses | 12 x 12 | Oil on Aluminum