Artist Statement: When Im walking through a forest landscape, I find myself centered and inspired.  These unique moments drift my way, and I feel a connection to the infinite that is inherently ineffable.  I want to bring this feeling out of the woods - I want to transmit the sense of expansive connection that is stirring even from a mere moment in place and time in the forest - even from many of the things we often quickly pass by.  In my oil paintings, I invite others to feel a new kind of personal connection through art, and hopefully a new kind of connection with the groves and forest systems surrounding us.  I feel, however naively, that our future lies in the unadulterated, unspoiled forest - if we can learn to do less management and more mindful observation, we can immerse ourselves in forest of unpredictable beauty.  Breath in, and connect.

Mathew Pardue When-Pine-Seedlings-Dream-of-Blue-Sky | 24 x 30 | oil
Mathew Pardue Down-the-Blue-Stone-Path | 18 x 24 | oil