Artist Statement: The world is filled with special places, places that hold important meaning to the people that have been there and experienced the uniqueness of each site. So much of our lives are tied up in the memories of places. I want to capture those memories forever. I feel like every scene is special and only exists in a fleeting moment. Things change. Lighting changes, seasons change, and over time what was there today, is different tomorrow. Painting is a way to preserve the intersection of a fleeting moment with a specific view point. Im an Idaho native, but have lived is several places throughout the US. I love to travel and I love to paint - mostly landscapes and cityscapes, but really anything that catches my eye. Im influenced by many master painters of the past as well as many contemporary artists.

Toby Davis LA-Style | 30x40 inches | oil on panel
Toby Davis Flatiron-Window | 30x40 inches | oil on panel
Toby Davis Pike-Place | 30x30 inches | oil on panel