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Artist Statement: To be able to combine a love of watercolor with my fascination in capturing close up images of beautiful flowers is just the best of all possible worlds. My work is created so as to engage the viewer’s eye and have it wander throughout the patterns, shapes, shadows and colors of the painting, observing details less visible on a smaller scale. I want the observer to be drawn into the flower, imagining the scent and feeling the texture of each petal and leaf. I have drawn inspiration from the flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe and from the intense colors used by Van Gogh. I love the almost abstract quality of O’Keeffe’s compositional arrangements and her up close and personal point-of-view. Vincent’s color harmonies and visual color blending are lessons in color theory for this artist who wishes to avoid the usual and mundane. Although I paint in watercolor, not oils, as these masters did; I have long admired their ability to capture, through composition and color, the eye of the beholder. Watercolor and flowers are my two great obsessions. I have been fortunate to be able to always pursue my passions. What can be better than to be doing what one loves?

Janis Grau Under-the-Coconut-Palm | 30 x 26 | Watercolor
Janis Grau Fan-Palm-&-Bourgainvilla | 26 x 36 | Watercolor
Janis Grau Purple-Clematis-in-Sunlight | 24 x 36 | Watercolor
Janis Grau Calla-Lily-Rainbow | 18 x 24 | Watercolor
Janis Grau Pink-Bromeliad | 18 x 18 | Watercolor
Janis Grau Supreme-Sultan-Iris | 20 x 36 | Watercolor