Artist Statement: As a fine artist with a background in painting, printmaking, and sculpture, I now use photography as a source of ideas and a tool to create. My photographs are portraits/still lifes of nature’s forms, from flowers, dried leaves, twigs, the bark of trees, mushrooms and other natural elements in their various stages of growth and natural decline. I have been collecting and photographing these natural forms for quite some time and I am always looking for that special form of nature that inspires me. The camera brings out qualities that one cannot see with the naked eye. These photographs are taken indoors, using natural light and a reflective surface. When composing and taking these photographs the challenge is to create exciting and interesting compositions to entice the viewer to see these images in a new and different way. They created a new life of their own through the lens of my camera. I am not interested in taking an exact representation but more of an artistic impression and interpretation that I want to convey when one looks at the final image, allowing the viewer to appreciate them in their new beauty and transformation.

Dolores Kiriacon In-A-Different-Way---III | 15 x 10 | Photography
Dolores Kiriacon Isnt-This-A-Lovely-Day---II | 10 x 15 | Photography
Dolores Kiriacon Unfurled---I | 10 x 15 | Photography