Artist Statement: I am an interdisciplinary visual artist from Illinois whose work focuses on the unique characteristics that form a relationship between man and nature. Through investigation and a playfully creative process, I seek to capture homogenous motifs of natural wonders that express the allure of time. For the past several years, the Arizona landscape has stimulated my creative practice. From the intensely stratified sediments found in natural wonders like Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, to ruins left behind by former inhabitants of this region, I wake up every day hoping to explore new creative endeavors inspired by the place I now call home. Working primarily with concrete and alternative casting mediums, many of my art forms take on the appearance of geologically altered modern technologies and products of man. The 19th of February, a recent work that I completed from an ongoing series of artworks, focuses on the earthly connection of man and nature in relationship to how information is preserved. For humanity, literary documentation and layers of cataloged evidence of our existence is compiled into stratified units like books and magazines. In comparison, layers of sediment are compacted over time into beautifully striated surfaces that contain information about past life on earth. Like bundled and bound newspapers once found on street corners in early hours of the morning, or the tightly cataloged books stacked neatly in libraries, Anthology and other alike works represent the natural passing of time and the rapid advancements of culture.

Zach Valent The-Antiquarian | 48 x 48 x 48 (full scale) | Light weight Concrete Selenite grown crystals stain
Zach Valent the-19th-of-February- | 25 x 21 x 15 | Concrete Quartz crystals stains
Zach Valent In-Time | 8 x 10 x 10 | Antique Bavarian Teacup grown crystals