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Artist Statement: I portray peoples emotions, expressions, and human nature through clay. Through clay busts, I evoke the human experience of smugness, carelessness, drunkenness, joy, sadness, melancholy, or sullenness, and shape them into caricatures. My intention is for the observer to find humor in my work, while recognizing the truth of the emotions expressed. To me, emotions are what makes us human, and facial expressions are the voices of those emotions. I use clay to express my observations on the basic humanistic qualities that surround me and that surround us all.

Zhanna Martin Ill-be-ok-mom | 12x8x16 | Clay paint
Zhanna Martin I-refuse-to-forget | 13x9x17 | Clay paint
Zhanna Martin Babushka | 8x13x6 | Clay Paint beads