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Artist Statement: Creating art based on society, political issues and the environment is my true passion. My work is a study of personalities and environments that complement imitate and incorporate elements of everyday life. I enjoy the challenge of working with a diversity of materials, taking simple paper and wire, turning them into provocative sculpture. I am always equipped with camera in hand, photographing people in their natural environments. They often share their stories and are happy to be the subject of my work. Other images are candid shots taken from afar when the subjects cannot be interrupted from their actions. My current “Nurture Series” of papier mache sculptures, depict individuals in society and their interactions in everyday life. These sculptures are based on photographs taken of subjects. One example, “Love Birds” was taken in Washington Square Park where there seem to be a number of Pigeon and bird lovers. This individual, “Larry” has been visiting the park on a regular basis and I have photographed him over a two year period. His trancelike stare portrays his connection to his loving birds and his disassociation with the many people in his surroundings. “ For sale: baby Shoes, newer worn” is titled after a Hemingway short story. This life sized relief sculpture, is of a woman apparently hungry and pregnant seen on Skid row in L.A. caught in a moment in time. This piece portrays one of societys unseen, bringing attention to the less fortunate. “Every Head Counts” magnifies the struggle of an immigrant worker and allows the viewer a glimpse of her inner thoughts. My images digest the posture of society while faces reflect their stories. I seem to become somehow bonded to these individuals carefully exploring and interpreting their attitudes. Often unseen and unheard, we all contribute and make up this diverse and multi-faceted population. I appreciate the complexity of each piece, collapsing three dimensional pieces into 2 and 3 dimensional space. I love the process of combining photography, wire, papier mache and painting. This innovative, figurative analysis is a socio/ psycho study created to bring light to the attention seekers and the overlooked of our society.

Lori Horowitz Love-Birds | 24H X 26W X 10D | Mixed Media
Lori Horowitz For-Sale-Baby-Shoes-Never-Worn | 48H X 34W X 10D | Mixed Media
Lori Horowitz -Every-Head-Counts | 30H X 26W X 18D | Illuminated mixed media