Artist Statement: I have a reverence for art as a communication tool. I feel that art, when it’s at its best, speaks from the deepest part of us with a language that has no words. I work with strong abstract lines that expand beyond pure design to make statements about human nature. The details of my work are both specific and universal. An open hand polished to a shining clarity speaks of truth. A strong stance signifies strength and permanence. Wings of parachute material symbolize freedom. My sculptures are statements of my belief that we are capable of far more than we are led to believe. I want my art to inspire you to dream, to reach, to fly.

Nina Winters African-Queen | 13 14 x 11 12 x 6 14 | Bronze
Nina Winters Ode-to-Venus | 3 14 x 1 34 x 1 12 | Bronze