Artist Statement: I am an oil painter, working in the tradition of the interior and the figure. I use a variety of colors, pattern, and arrangement of objects that are inspired by the hispanic heritage. I pace the figures in the center of the picture plane making them the main focus of the composition. The half life size scale of my work provides the right amount of space to create a presence of intimacy between the painting and the viewer. Inspired by the Vermeer and the dutch I paint figures in their homes and everyday lives. I utilize natural lighting to create a sense of serenity and give it an airy feel. To represent cultural pride, in the background I use patterns that are commonly found in homes around Mexico, celebrating our roots and where we originate from. In addition to the underlying racism of immigration issues.In my pieces containing females, I pose the figure staring directly at the viewer asserting strength and resilience. My paintings are, in a way, a plea to viewers with anti-immigrant sentiments, that we all share a similar American experience.

Mercedes Cardenas Tomas | 32 by 23 | Oil on MDF Board
Mercedes Cardenas Siblings | 32 by 24 | Oil on MDF Board
Mercedes Cardenas Self-Portrait | 20 by 40 | Oil on MDF Board