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Artist Statement: The main focus of my work is placed upon compilations of various pre-existing materials, which were collected from the surrounding environment and then given new significance in an image. By interrupting the natural processes of these materials, I take away their primary functions. When one process stops, another starts: by alternating, layering and arranging them together, I allow them to develop, almost like being reborn, gaining new implications within a new context. By adopting found fragments of paper and other materials I observe the metamorphosis which has taken place and either follow the initial motif/ structure/ form or by ignoring this imprint of nature I try to discover a new potential by introducing new mechanisms in order to develop a new integrity. The materials are treated here as a medium and a process rather than as a surface. Following Dadaists idea which says that everything is everywhere and conversely, I experiment with the medium to give the viewer impulses to find his or her own path to interpretation.

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Composition-VIII---Apple-tree | 140cm x 140cm | Drawing (mixed media)
Jakub Pasierkiewicz Composition-VII---Birches | 135cm x 67cm | Drawing (mixed media)
Jakub Pasierkiewicz Composition-VI---Birches | 202cm x 135cm | Drawing (mixed media)
Jakub Pasierkiewicz Composition-IV | 134cm x 96cm | Drawing (mixed media)