Artist Statement: Ever since I first picked up a pencil I have been fascinated with realism. It does not seem possible that drawing materials can create the illusion of space, light, and form, and when it happens it seems like magic. Even after my many years of drawing I am still amazed when the transformation occurs. Working with traditional subjects can be very satisfying, and I have completed numerous landscape and portrait drawings which I enjoyed, but I am much more interested in working with images that have narrative content. Designing narrative work is challenging and exciting. From the models and supporting elements to the setting, each piece is important to the narrative and must be carefully incorporated into the image for proper visual balance, emphasis, and clarity of message. My favorite topic is contemporary life in America. Fashions are reflective of our culture and the models are real people, which makes the narrative more relatable to the contemporary viewer. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke emotions in the viewer, transforming the drawing into a majestic mirror that reflects a tarnished reality. I want to give contemporary viewers a new perspective on their world and I want future generations to see what it is like to live in turn-of-the-century America. My drawings are not artwork that just hangs on a wall to serve a decorative purpose – they demand attention and promote lively discussion. Ultimately, I want to get people to think and talk to one another about important issues.

Kevin Grass Inheritance | 93 x 86 | Charcoal prismacolor white chalk and acrylic paint on paper
Kevin Grass Not-Me-Too | 36 x 18 | White chalk on black paper
Kevin Grass Puberty | 23 x 30 | Charcoal on paper