Artist Statement: Due to the horrific oil disaster of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, in which i participated in the clean up, my artistic inspiration had seemed to get sickened by the disaster. The land was ill in my eyes and my spirit. I felt contempt and hatred towards the companies responsible doubly so when i learned they were tired of all the attention in the press, their stocks were down. The rippling of the waters affect us all and thus this body of work which continues to grow to this day, from sketches and memory of the incident and its after-affects, I have tried to illustrate the shear comedic and painful way in which humanity perceives disaster and the way in which this same humanity can gleefully sit back and gain from it.

Ralf Cheramie OILED-SKIN-oil-slick-5 | 15 x 22 | Pencil on paper
Ralf Cheramie LETS-BLOW-SOME-GREEN-oil-slick-2 | 16 x 22 | Pencil on paper
Ralf Cheramie SLICK-CARNIVAL-oil-slick-14 | 22 x 30 | Pencil on paper