Artist Statement: The works are predominently alternative contemporary landscapes. They are, perhaps, perceived as an internalization of our biosphere expressed through drawing, painting, and digital imaging. These works serve as consciousness portals for the viewer to access a parallel layer of reality. These are poetic unnameable places that reveal the conflict of consciousness in the space of the non-verbal. Recognizable moments emerge in these works and are encoded with an invented symbology. The works emerge from ideas about seeing that are worked out in drawings from observation that evolve into paintings made with acrylic on wood and canvas. Sometimes these drawings are then scanned into the computer or just invented in the computer and worked on digitally and then outputted as digital compositions on various matierials for installations; other times paintings are installed with other types of objects in installations. It varies depending upon the concept and the problem to be solved.

Sherry Mayo Untitled-Sphere | 22x24 | Graphite on Sommerset Printmaking Paper
Sherry Mayo Queen-Anns-Lace | 22x24 | Graphite on Sommerset Printmaking Paper
Sherry Mayo Bear-Mountain-Bridge | 22x24 | Graphite on Sommerst Printmaking Paper