Artist Statement: Artists Statement “ I have always been attracted to the anatomies of humans, animals, machines and biological habitats. When I draw, it is first highly analytical with the purpose of dissecting the underlying architectures that gives objects their form. During this analytical process I fall upon intriguing patterns in formation design. Minipulating the shapes of areoles, spines, molecules, linchpins, cogs and intercellular scaffolds the image becomes increasingly metaphorical. My creative challenge is to use these new found visual metaphors in creating a meaningful choreography with kinematic movment. If I am successful in my assembly, the viewer becomes curious about the metamorphosis before them and becomes a welcomed engaged participant.” William H Haney

william haney Betta-Ascension | 20x30 | Mixed
william haney Vermillion-Night-Flight | 18x29 | Mixed
william haney Rigolettos-Curse | 16x38 | Mixed