Group Show "Still Life"

Artist Statements

Lucas Bononi - (United States)

Artists Statement: Lucas Bononi is a California based figurative painter. Born in Los Angeles with Argentinean roots, Lucas splits his time between San Francisco, where he is earning his BFA in painting at the Academy of Art University, and Buenos Aires, where he teaches workshops and exhibits his work. Lucas? work explores the mystery of technology vs. human through discovery and interaction. His contemporary dreamlike compositions explore the moment of climax when the subject is about to discover a truth. Having studied art since a young age Lucas found a love for oil painting, his primary medium, and is currently focusing on developing his body of work. For questions and inquires

email: lucasbononiart@gmail.com
Web: Lucasbononi.blogspot.com


Scott Borders - (United States)

While I paint a variety of subjects, I see everything as a contemporary realist, in terms of the still life. I enjoy finding ordinary subjects at extraordinary times, capturing a fleeting moment, letting others enjoy it forever.

email: scott@scottborders.com
Web: scottborders.com


Katlyn Brumfield - (United States)

My work examines current and longstanding attitudes toward nature as the world--human and nonhuman--continues to adjust to life in the Anthropocene. Through this examination I hope to present a different system of valuation--one which appreciates the natural world as dynamic, resilient and regenerative. By moving away from the predominant anthropocentric perspective, which measures the importance of nature merely for its contributions to human interests, I encourage my viewer to consider the natural world for its intrinsic value and reconsider the human role in the greater biotic community.

email: knbrum92@gmail.com
Web: katlynbrumfieldart.com


Karen Budan - (United States)

Artists Statement: Inspiration for a painting often comes from unexpected places. For me it might be the bright colors of a grouping of marbles or the beautiful green of a Granny Smith apple nestled in the folds of matching green and white striped material. Painting still lifes allows me to create arrangements, adjust the lighting, and set the stage to transform everyday objects to extraordinary. In considering a still live setup for a painting I strive for bold yet warm colors and lighting that creates strong contrast. I am especially drawn to compositions that include translucency and reflections. My painting style is realistic?..I thrive on the challenge of transferring the complex subtleties of the color, texture and light patterns of the composition before me onto a two dimensional surface resulting in a painting that looks as real as the setup itself.

email: karenbudan.com
Web: karenbudan.com


Ben Chang - (United States)

Artists Statement: As an artist, my acute observation of people becomes an inspiration. The process of transmitting their personality into painting creates not only portraits but personal life stories. My paintings are like stills from a film; just as a filmmaker captures life around him, I portray the people that I've encountered in my life. In the series, Lost and Found, a young girl searches for her identity. A superimposition of images narrates this sense of loss. She holds multiple poses, yet they are rendered into one. Personally, a painting resembles a window into the world of a figure; and the figure is a vessel of memories (or thoughts/ behaviors) that I aspire to capture. Overall, I paint to portray the psychological perspectives of people. Conveying these experiences is the ultimate sense of completion.

The Past

Life is a one-way journey, we keep the good things in the past, and move on to the next stop, these objects are symbol of our experiences and encounters during our journey through life, and we will remember the past when we are old. Recalling our innermost stories is like an old picture, filled with many years of history, some sweet, some bitter, therefore they are old yet unforgettable and precious.

email: ychang4047@gmail.com
Web: ychang4047.wixsite.com/benchang


Hannah Cole Dahar - (United States)

Artists Statement: With a young child in the house it became difficult to paint. Our son would climb onto my lap and zooms his toys through the dining room table where I set up a make shift studio. It became clear that he, his toys were telling a new story and this was a story to share.

"The Balancing Act" series is the story of how a child changes everything. Life becomes chaotic, surreal, frustrating and at the same time beautiful and magical and hysterically funny.
With great negotiation, bribery and other assorted tactics I "borrow" my son's toys and combine them with objects around the house. Negotiations break down and progress halts as the toy in the painting becomes the most desirable in the house.

Still life reconstruction is needed. Perspective is thrown off. More bribery and negotiation is needed.
The story of each painting unfold with the day to day must do's and want to do's.
Each piece tells it's own little tale with highly symbolic juxtapositions of objects and scale. They are all 12" X 12" oil on panel representative of the limited and therefore preciousness of space and time and energy in a typical/atypical day.

email: hannahjanecole@yahoo.com
Web: coledahar.com


Jarred Fisher - (Unitted States)

Artists Statement: Nature is the single greatest teacher in Art. When composing a painting or drawing the journey to humbling myself before the magnitude of reality, of nature, has begun. I eschew the use of photographic implements, and their aesthetics, and instead search for a profound celebration of our reality. Zorn, Sargent, and Velazquez are among my classical influences but I also count modern masters like Nelson Shanks, Dan Thompson, Steven Early, Steven Assael, Lea Colie Wight, and Darren Kingsley among my artistic guides.

My methods are classical but my vision is very much rooted in the contemporary. Through my still-lives I hope to have the viewer join me in the repurposing of objects that would otherwise be overlooked as garbage.

When painting items that are regarded as discarded, used, or obsolete the viewer is invited to consider not only the ephemera of our time or the fleeting nature of efficacy, but also gets to pen their own personal narrative based upon their individual interactions and memories with the objects.

email: jfish1313@gmail.com
Web: artid.com/jarredfisher


John Gamache - (United States)

Artists Statement: In creating my works, I do come across something interest thing that, is a focal point for me to build on. This excites my passion for elements of the past—old, cast-off objects,—from run down barns, old junk car's, and abandoned houses. These are the objects I collect and infuse with new life through my paintings. When I create such a piece, I wish to convey the emotions I feel for the scene or objects to the viewer. I want the viewer to be an active participant in my joy,
my melancholy, my humor, my nostalgia. Through my textures, layers, earth tones, and choice of composition, I strive to convey these feelings. Plus a big part of achieving the nostalgic feel is using natural late afternoon sunlight to paint my painting for me. It gives the setting a last look at the day before turning to the night. To me, the process of creating a work is transcendental; I am completely lost in the making, I am part of each piece. It does take me some months to finish each painting as I work on several at once, so it is a slow build up on each to reach the final detailing.

My goal is to create and master my craft, not just in the painting but in the feelings I've described previously to the viewer. To elicit emotion will make the piece and my goal complete as a work of art. Communicating on a visual emotional level is akin to how music touches your spirit, your very soul.

Creating art for me is an embodiment of what I'm made of. Like eating and breathing,
I have to do it. It's meditation for my psyche.

My credits run from being represented in The Lost Art Gallery in St. Augustine FL. / Oil painters of America /
Portrait Society of America / Private Collection of Mr. Richard McKenzie, Founder Seven Bridges Foundation,
Greenwich CT - sevenbridges.org

email: artworks2@comcast.net
Web: johngamache.com


Daryl Gannon - (United States)

Artist Statement: I am fascinated with exploring the potential of childhood. I always believed my future had endless possibilities when I was young, and my work is about connecting with those profound moments of youthful exuberance. There is a positive, progressive motif in the approach of a child, and an acceptance of the notion that anything could happen next, and probably will.

These paintings depict my childrens toys, sometimes alone but often placed with each other. The encounters take place within a setting filled with a backdrop of drawings previously created by my daughter. I find this collaboration brings me closer to her, and often drives the title of the work. In other situations, my daughters doodles can act as a positive distraction from the more concrete forms, such as stacks of Jenga blocks or Lego bricks about to fall.

Other works from this series have been exhibited in: the Texas National 2016 in Nacogdoches, TX, The Hunting Art Prize 2016 and published in the winter 2015 edition of Streetnotes ( Issue 23).

email: darylgannon@gmail.com
Web: darylgannon.com


John Hemmen - (United States)

Artists Statement: John's work is largely narrative in style, with the story usually shown in a representational format, and with color used to help express the work. The subject matter runs in various themes, with the more recent works using flags or the city as vehicles for the story. He continues doing figurative works of people and animals. The works are usually done in acrylic on canvas or oil pastel on paper. He also paints scenes on furniture, especially chairs.

email: jehemmen@mail.com
Web: johnhemmenart.com


Kathy Lindert - (United States)

Artists Statement: Kathy Lindert is an oil painter who relishes expressing her art through different languages. This mirrors her multi-lingual fluency, having lived and worked in countries around the world for most of her life. "Fast Painting" and "Slow Painting" are two such forms of expression – and Kathy loves switching between them. Fast Painting (Premier Coup) is playful, gestural, melodic and instinctive – like Improv or Jazz. Slow Painting is layered, deliberate and nuanced, building on the depth and luminosity of the Old Masters. Yet whatever the language, Kathy has found her voice in painting rich colors and bold contrasts of light and dark.

Kathy is a student of Glen Kessler at The Compass Atelier and a Resident Artist at Artists & Makers Studios in Rockville Maryland.  She has also taken workshops from Duane Keiser, Cindy Procious, Alyssa Monks, and Steven Assael.  She previously studied mixed methods with acrylics with Carmen Fraga in Brasilia, Brazil, where she lived for many years.  Kathy's paintings have been exhibited at Artomatic, Artists & Makers Gallery, the Capitol Arts Network's Urban by Nature Gallery, and more recently in the Strokes of Genius juried show at the Maryland Federation of Art's Circle Gallery in Annapolis. Kathy was ranked by art critic Lenny Campello of DCArtNews as one of the Top 10 artists in Artomatic 2016 and granted the award for Artist Most Likely to Attract Gallerists. Her work was also selected into the Gallery25N "Still Life" exhibition in coordination with Art-Competition.net.

Kathy's love of art harks back to her years as a student in Paris in the 1980s, and to making childhood art projects with her grandmother and learning from her mother's eye for composition as a talented photographer.  While not painting, Kathy works at an international development agency in Washington DC, advising countries around the world on the design and delivery of social protection systems.  She lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, with her husband and two teen daughters.

email: kat_lin3@yahoo.com
Web: kathylindertart.com


Leba Marquez - (United States)

Artists Statement:

email: lebamarquez@gmail.com


Zhanna Martin - (United States)

Artists Statement: I portray peoples emotions, expressions, and human nature through clay. Through clay busts, I evoke the human experience of smugness, carelessness, drunkenness, joy, sadness, melancholy, or sullenness, and shape them into caricatures. My intention is for the observer to find humor in my work, while recognizing the truth of the emotions expressed. To me, emotions are what makes us human, and facial expressions are the voices of those emotions. I use clay to express my observations on the basic humanistic qualities that surround me and that surround us all.

email: zhanna.martin@gmail.com
Web: www.elisabethsekulic.com


Chuck Middlekauff - (United States)

Artists Statement: Simply put, my art represents all the experiences and passions of my life. Being a kid growing up in the 50's and 60's and watching cartoons, westerns, and super heroes on TV, and being a grown-up taking countless road trips across America with Rand-McNally and my wife Carol, have driven me to paint soda machines, signs, diners, cowboys, boots, toys, gas pumps, and almost everything in between. All of these weathered and quickly vanishing icons have become the focus of my artistic journey. Pop art, new country music, old rock and roll, and my own eccentricities have further inspired me to juxtapose those images and develop fun concepts, puns, and twists. Using water media, I apply vivid colors to create patinas, textures, and shadows to capture the fading fragments of my generation in a new light. With a smile.

email: candcmiddlekauff@aol.com
Web: chuckmiddlekauff.com


Lynne Reichhart - (United States)

Artists Statement: I saw the sun shining on these bottles and inspiration struck. I added the German cordial glass and vintage mustard tin for interest and color. The reflection on the mustard tin was the biggest challenge and my favorite part of the piece!

email: artbylmr@gmail.com
Web: lynne-reichhart.pixels.com


Colin Ross - (United Kingdom)

Developed a keen interest in drawing from an early age and went on to attend part-time painting and drawing classes at the Glasgow School of Art. Studied under Scottish artist John Boyd where my affinity with still life painting developed. I was inspired early on by the work of the Impressionist painter Cezanne, I felt his paintings resonated with colour, meticulously painted with thin layers of translucent paint, which provided a rich texture to his work. The main aim of my work is to create a sense of atmosphere and light in mypaintings. The concentration of light on an object accentuates it, this ultimately gives the objects life and a vibrancy of colour. I intend to continue painting the genre of Still Life as faithfully to the subject as I can, which for me, is the real source of inspiration.

email: colin.graham.ross@gmail.com
Web: colingrahamross.wixsite.com/colin-ross-art


Mardell Schuster - (United States)

Artists Statement: My work is created in markers and colored pencils. Although I like to draw wildlife, still life drawings are my favorite. The more detail the better. I try to incorporate many different textures into my drawings. My goal is to capture a moment of solitude, pleasure and peace.

email: mardelljschuster@gmail.com


Igor Selivanov - (Russia)

Artists Statement:

email: igorselivanov.com@yandex.ru
Web: igorselivanov.com


Benjamin Shamback - (United States)

Artists Statement:

email: bshambac@southalabama.edu
Web: benjaminjshamback.com


Nicholas Zalevsky - (United States)

Artists Statement: My still life works invite a spectator to not only look at the painting but to envision an own narrative being told. As a matter of fact, this could be told about all my creations.

email: vzalev@gmail.com
Web: nick-zalevsky.com