Group Show "Shades of Green"

Artist Statements

Sara Aref - (Iran)

Artist Statement: Master of Art in visual arts-painting at Brera Academy (Fine-arts academy in Milan).

email: aref.paint@gmail.com
Web: sara-aref.blogspot.it


Stuart Chape - (Samoa)

Artist Statement:

email: tookay.1@bigpond.com


Magdalena Cooney - (United States)

Artist Statement: Despite being born into a repressive communist regime, Magdalena Cooney was destined to become a painter. Growing up in a children's puppet theatre, her parents provided a magical cocoon, creating an alternate world marked by whimsy, fantasy and larger-than-life characters. †Self-taught Cooney credits her parents and their cadre of artist friends as her first and most important teachers.

Her father, a set designer and puppet maker, and her mother, a graphic designer, influenced Cooney's ability to create amidst a culture of censorship. The theatre was always Cooney's "happy place," and she believes it is the reason her paintings lean towards the evocative, non-objective rather than specific. From an early age, Cooney was acutely aware of the competing forces of dark and light at play in her life. These contrasts are apparent in the opposing hues seen in many of Cooney's paintings. Her choice of color palettes also reflects her two homes: one echoes the famous red and orange rooftops of her birthplace, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), and the other is inspired by the cool grey and blue tones of her current home in Seattle, Washington. The contrast in colors moves through Cooney's paintings as she expertly blends and layers to create fascinating, sensual swirls of emotion and texture. In her latest experimentation, Cooney manipulates acrylic and watercolor paints on mixed media boards. The result is a sophisticated sharpening of her trademark style.

Not interested in shock value, Cooney says her paintings feel like home, a place in your heart that is precious and where you feel most like yourself.

email: info@magdalenacooney.net
Web: www.magdalenacooney.net


Georg Douglas - (Iceland)

Artist Statement: I feel that art should be very visual, appealing to the emotions or creating an atmosphere. I like my paintings, therefore, to be strong, whether from colour, form or something else. I want them to invoke an immediate reaction, either confronting the viewers or drawing them in to the work, so I aim for the dramatic. In my semi-abstract flower inspired paintings I include features such as flowers, stems and petals, I also extend our field of vision by including elements visible only from a microscope or molecular model such as plant tissue and protein spirals or pollen grains and I think that this aspect comes from my scientific background and training. I also like to obfuscate by ignoring scale and jumbling elements with no real foreground or background. This mirrors the complexity of nature itself and leaves something to the viewer¥s imagination.

email: q22052q@yahoo.com.tw
Web: artgeorg.exto.org


Camille Engel - (United States)

Artist Statement: Camille Engel oil paintings reveal a life captivated by detail. Her intricate works focus attention on the rich visual intricacies and colors found in her subjects.

As Engel seeks to capture the richness of life, each painting she creates invites viewers to momentarily step into her world and share in her joy of the simple things, and experience the transcendent beauty around us.

What inspires her most is her core beliefs. "For me," Engel explains, ?every morning is a fresh opportunity to find extraordinary joy in the most ordinary things. My art overflows out of that joy.

email: camille@camille-engel.com
Web: camille-engel.com


Monte Hallgarth - (United States)

Artis Statement:

email: mhallgarth@gmail.com


Charles Hively - (United States)

Artist Statement: I find the best pictures are the ones where you dont think about them too strongly. They happen when you are open to the moment.

email: chively47@gmail.com


Gary Hopkins - (United States)

Artist Statement: These digital works are meditations on the lush greens of Oregon where I have lived most of my life. They explore all the shades of greens around me and expressed using abstract style and symbolic forms.

email: gxhpainter@outlook.com
Web: www.gxhpainter.com


Arthur Jacob - (United States)

Artist Statement: When people ask me about my work I like to share with them that my canvas begins as a photograph and the mouse is my brush. From that point on, my creative focus is not on the actual identity of the subject; but rather, through digital manipulation, the focus is one of exploring shapes, colors and movement that are hidden in the photograph.
I don?t record the steps taken to achieve this focus so each work is unique and new. This allows me to take a new journey of discovery with each piece I create. The focus on color, shapes and movement continue even when my work is more representational.

email: aj@arthur-jacob.com
Web: arthur-jacobphotographicart.com
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Monika Jasnauskaite - (Lithuania)

Artist Statement: I love nature, fantasy and science fiction, so my artwork combines realistic objects with surreal and dreamy details. Recently I analysed art and science relationship. I want to express cultural, philosophical and social ideas, questions, problems in one or another way connected to scientific or technological research.
I enjoy using coloured and graphite pencils. My drawings tend to focus on details and vibrant coloured elements against the monochrome background. Every such detail has its own meaning and provides clues to content and interpretation.

email: monika.jasnauskaite@gmail.com
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Michele Johnsen - (United States)

Artis Statement: I've considered myself a landscape painter for more than a decade, but my Master's work has prompted me to inquire into precisely where my work fits into the landscape tradition and why I choose this particular motif as my primary focus.

The description of intimate spaces and sublime vistas are my response to the way the landscape reflects the light and creates patterns on the forms of natural surfaces. Through the use of graduated hues, abstracted mark-making and highly saturated color I am able to articulate a range of emotional responses that speak to aesthetic rationales, and to psychological and spiritual concerns, allowing access into the magic of those special places.

The recent body of work that emerged as a result of my graduate studies exhibits an understanding of my relationship to the land and the trees and undergrowth in a way that I hadn't explored before. My current interest is in the layers and underpinnings that I perceive that may possibly be unique to my own vision. I've begun to manipulate the medium in ways that articulate an emotional resonance and bring to mind magical moments. There's simply no better word than that.

While producing my work, I find myself feeling nostalgic for childhood memories that revolved around sweet spots in the environment. In order to have a greater engagement with these ideas, I invited friends and neighbors to take me to the places that resonate most deeply with them. Along with the pure attachment to aesthetic qualities, my new work reflects an engagement with events that cause a disruption through the hand of man and nature. I have addressed issues concerning "saving place" through an involvement with installation that incorporates constructed sculptural forms, creating an environment that invites viewer interaction. Ultimately, this passion to articulate the landscape is a long and never ending journey that brings attention to both beauty and responsibility.

email: art@michelejohnsen.com
Web: michelejohnsen.com


Jean Sbarra Jones - (United States)

Artist Statement:

"no one but you knows what occurred
in the dress you wore in the dream
of atonement, the displaced tree in
the dream you wore, a suffering endurable
only once, edges that sought release
from envy to a more endurable loss,

a form to be walked past, that has
outworn the shame of time,
its colors sprung through description 
above a blaze of rhizomes spreading 
in an arable mat that mostly 
isn't simple but is calm & free—"
-Brenda Hillman --- www.poet.org

I have been painting dresses for over a decade. Three years ago, while on a boat with my husband I placed the dress in the ocean. The shape and texture of the fabric, the quality of the light and the differences between the wet and dry areas of the dress compelled me to recreate the image in paint. The work that resulted is narrative, mysterious and fragile.

email: jeansbarrajones@gmail.com
Web: jeansbarrajones.com


Joe Ray Kelley - (United States)

Artist Statement: Born in a small Midwestern town. Love the 4 seasons, nature and the majestic results of changing weather systems. Always fascinated with weather and the atmosphere. Became serious about fine art painting after a forty-year career in meteorology, US Air Force, National Weather Service and private weather companies. Self-taught from trial and error and not afraid to try new styles and techniques. Active in art societies for the past 20 years serving in many roles including President and Executive Director. I try to paint everyday possible in my art studio.

National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS)
International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP)
National Society of Artist (NSA)

National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic (NSPCA)
Arkansas Arts Council
Artists of Northwest Arkansas
National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS)

President - National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS)
Executive Director - National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS)
Chairman Signature Artist Guild (NOAPS)
Vice President - International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP)

email: art@jette.gallery
Web: joesfineart@gmail.com


Cal Navin - (United States)

Artist Statement: Just about every weekend I photograph Detroit, anywhere anyplace until my battery dies. The real Detroit, not the little section that has shiny new facades and chic eateries, the New Detroit. Its hard for me to believe what I see, how much blight there is. Until you drive as far east, west, north and south you wouldnt believe it yourself, its a burned out city that most turn a blind eye to. Or pretend doesnt even exist, or worse just dont care.

Much of this burned out city is the real playground for the children of Detroit. Many beautiful churches, schools, homes are gone because there abandoned, or torched for the hell of it. Collapsing in on themselves due to costly repairs. Stripped and left bare to the elements.

Ive been working digitally for some time and enjoy photo montage work. I work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator working layers to create these images.

The houses I shoot are all abandoned in Detroit. I exaggerate the color so at first glance you dont notice the house in its state, then you zero in and see the decay. Thats what I want, I want people to see it.

Lisa McMahon - (United States) Fine Art Photograper

email: LisMcMahonPhotography@yahoo.com
Web: calnavin.blogspot.com


Dana Newman - (United States)

Artist Statement: I have been painting since the age of two years. I love to capture the beautiful and unique aspects of the animals and people that I paint, in all of their splendor.

email: dborzoi@gmail.com


Keith Parks - (United States)

Artist Statement: I have been taking and making pictures since the days when it made your fingers smell (aaahhh... the smell of fixer). At first I lamented the departure of film, but the digital medium certainly has its advantages. While I do some computer processing of most of my images, I try and limit it to things that I could have done in the darkroom. It is important to me that the pictures are not overly synthetic.

Ultimately I am most inspired by the phenomenon of nature that we call "light", by its human offspring vision and perception, and by the amazing things that happen when the three come together. I also love a nice picture of a cute kitten now and then.

email: keith@keithparks.com
Web: keithparks.daportfolio.com


Lidia Simeonova - (United States)

Artist Statement: My artwork is a reflection of my life. I have projected frozen moments-good and bad-onto the canvas. As my style and personality matured, I traveled the world.

My artwork tells a story-my story, of the different periods in my personal and creative life. I was born and grew up in Bulgaria, where I obtained a Bachelors Degree from Velico Tarnovo University of Fine Art. My free spirit, and lust for
discovery and exploration fueled a worldwide journey. From Bulgaria, I moved with my family to Czechoslovakia and again to Germany in 1991. Uprooting our lives with two children proved both adventurous and challenging for me.
Once we arrived in Germany, I found myself eased and inspired by many traditions, culture and good friends there. I kept painting and managed to put on a couple of shows in Germany while trying to explore different parts of Europe
too. My paintings hung in galleries in Paris as well as different international shows in France. When we moved to the United States in 1994, I discovered another world-the world of electronics and computers. became a graphic designer for a couple of years and then a clay modeler for General Motors, where I have been for the past 5 years. Here I found the opportunity to show my artwork at many national and international shows, where I received most recognition and awards.

Today my portfolio reflects a variety of mediums and style. My paintings from Bulgaria differ greatly from what I produced in Germany or America. I spent many years as an abstract artist, but the human figure has always persisted in the creative process. Now the human _expression and relationship are the leading thoughts when I take a brush or pencil. One thing I am trying to achieve is creating a work in which life and painting blend in a perfect existential poem. I will present the viewer with a harmonious, contemplative image, which speaks to the spiritual complexities of our existence.

email: lidiasimeonova@gmail.com
Web: lidiasimeonov.com


Dwight Taylor - (United States)

Artist Statement: I get a kick out of making images of all kinds!

email: dwightt2@comcast.net
Web: dwighttaylorimages.com


Nancy Wickum - (United States)

Artist Statement: I was raised in Midwestern farm country near the banks of the Mississippi River and spent most of my childhood exploring the creeks, hills, fields, and forests surrounding our family farm. The inspiration for my work is the indelible memory of the land and the forces that shaped it, both human and natural.

The paintings are abstract interpretations derived from an aerial or scenic perspective of land formations....the farms, the fields, the water....at different times of the year. The work attempts to capture the reflective quality of light moving over water in contrast to the static nature of land forms. The landscape image is reduced to subtle color fields defined by heavily etched lines. The Aftermath series explores the visual impact of ravaged landscapes after severe storm devastation.

email: nancywickum@gmail.com
Web: nancywickum.com


Sally Wilson - (Australia)

Artist Statement:

email: sallywilsonart@gmail.com