G25N'S "Semi-Annual Open II"


Claude Chassagne - USA



Dolores Kiriacon - USA

My photographs are portraits/still lifes of natureís forms, from flowers, dried
leaves, twigs, to the bark of trees in their various stages of growth and natural decline.

I have become a collector of natureís elements that have fallen to the ground and dried. Although I have no immediate plan when they are collected, I place them on sheets of paper to be later assembled and photographed. These collections are photographed indoors, placed on a reflective surface using natural light. I create still life compositions recomposing them many times to find an arrangement that pleases my eye and the lighting is just right. I manipulate the compositions of forms to create unique and interesting shapes of movement, color and texture, so that the viewerís attention is drawn to the similarities or differences between the various elements.

What I am trying to do with these natural forms that I collect is to show their beauty in a new and different way. They created a new life of their own through the lens of my camera. The camera brings out qualities that one cannot see with the naked eye when they are on the ground. I am not interested in taking an exact representation, but more of an artistic impression and interpretation that I want to convey when one looks at the final images.

My work reflects the way I see and feel about these natural forms that arouse my curiosity and imagination. Some leaves become so dry and are transformed into the oddest shapes. The weirder and stranger something is, the more I tend to like it. I have been collecting these natural forms for quite some time and feel that I may have exhausted my supply, but then there is always something to be found.



Wendy Layne - USA

I began my journey with colored pencils in September of 2014 when I drew my very first colored pencil portrait of my daughter in Paris. I was immediately hooked on the medium. I have always been drawn to faces and my newfound ability to draw with colored pencils has compelled me to draw as many faces as I can. I started a series called ìFaces of Humanityî and my goal is to draw as many interesting faces as I can and not just to draw them but to create a story with each piece that I draw. I love to capture the emotion in a face whether it is pain or happiness or surprise or angst. I love to capture the tiny details and especially enjoy the complexity of wrinkles, braces, teeth, or the way that light bounces off the skin. I am captured by the beauty in the many tones and colors of skin and feel challenged to depict as many races and cultures as possible in my series ìFaces of Humanityî.



Hanjong LEE - USA

“Way” has various meanings. It may mean a space or a time, a direction or a purpose. In my art work, a word, “direction” includes all possible meanings of it. A definite article added to “way” gives me an implication that there is a specific direction each person chooses to go. In that sense, I named the theme of my art work “The Way.”

Every human being lives with a certain direction, whether it means a visible way to go or an invisible goal a mental or spiritual state pursues to accomplish. It is when we lose our direction that we are trapped in fear and confusion. “Where did I come from?” “Where am I now?” “Where do I have to go?” We ask these fundamental questions to clarify our purpose of life. But we also may ask those questions again and again in every corner of our lives to make some meaningful and purposeful decisions.

In fact, “the way,” the important directions are hidden in ordinary scenes we see every day. My art work makes a close-up of some focal points from those routine space and time we live through and adds to them some implications of “the directions.” By using my own style of brushstroke and some specific colors, I tried to express certain emotions and moods they imply. I hope that the people who appreciate my art work may catch those points and find their own reflections on their life directions through them.


Yael Maimon - ISRAEL

My Cats series includes paintings in oils, pastels and watercolor. In these artworks I want to convey the magical qualities that I see in cats; I want the viewer to feel what makes me so passionate about cats. For me, painting cats is about capturing their spirit, not just the texture of their fur. I am passionate about cats and they inspire me in so many ways. Cats are such intelligent creatures; they are simply fascinating and amazing animals. Also, I find them very mysterious, being worshipped by Egyptians in ancient times, having nine lives… My special bond with cats was created while volunteering for years at an animal rescue center in my hometown Ashkelon, Israel. Today, at home I take care of abandoned kittens, raise my elderly cats and feed many street cats.



Michael Malta - USA

Michelangelo said the great danger is not that our hopes are too high and we will fail to reach them; it is that they are too low and we do.

Creating art is a passion that I have grown up with and I continue to strive for excellence in my art. I am inspired by the great artists of the past and try to live up to the quality they have established. As I continue my art education, I am always looking for ways to improve, adjust, modify and change. Creating artwork is a forever-evolving path.

I enjoy working in oils and bring life to an empty canvas. The saturation of colors and brush strokes that can be created in oils is amazing. I also work graphite and charcoal. Black and white charcoal drawings bring life to art when color may distract.



Dennis Marinov - Bulgaria

Each human face encompasses the entire Universe. My artistic credo is to peel off the layers of cultivated thoughts and learned emotions and thus expose the bare essence of the eternally enchanting human being.

To me, the portrait painting process is an intuitive exchange of energies, a symbiosis between my model and myself. An almost mystical, utterly gratifying experience.


Toni Milian - Spain

The main goal in my artistic creation is to thrill. Also get beautiful representations, subtle harmonic balance of shapes and colors, explore the poetics spaces, human and artistic languages.

As a contemporary artist I can not ignore the great artistic, technical and social revolution we have experienced in recent years. I have been interested in several artistic and cultural movements such as conceptual art, counterculture, surrealism and all variants of the figurative-abstract. Throughout 35 years I have worked in different artistic disciplines: photography, film, video, painting, installation, land art, performance and 3D graphics. The different disciplines and techniques have different characteristics. So my attitude has been different in each of them and have not developed my own style, but several similarities and even some permanent features like colouring of my works. Given the magnitude of issues related to artistic expression, to visual communication (and audio-visual), with the cognitive processes and the symbolism, among others, has interested me more learning, exploring "new territory" and own development techniques to create my own style, in a single discipline, within a certain artistic movement.

In recent years I have worked with 3D tools. The creative process began with the conceptual approach. I was interested in working with the idea of "virtual mirror", the mysterious symbolism of mirrors, the thought of Jean Cocteau about identity: “Mirrors should think longer before they reflect” that in the collective unconscious, the mirror becomes a kind of gateway to another dimension, the world of the occult, and I'm already presenting several finished series made with reflective and refractive materials that produce more or less figurative images of women very evolved allegorically building a better World.

Toni Milian - Declaración del artista.

Mi principal objetivo en la creación artística es emocionar. También conseguir representaciones bellas, el sutil equilibrio armónico de formas y colores, explorar los espacios poéticos, humanos y los lenguajes artísticos.

Como artista contemporáneo no puedo ser ajeno a la gran revolución artística, técnica y social que hemos vivido en los últimos años. Me han interesado varios movimientos artísticos y culturales, como el arte conceptual, la contra-cultura, el surrealismo y todas las variantes de la figuración-abstracta. A lo largo de 35 años he trabajado en diferentes disciplinas artísticas: fotografía, cine, video, pintura, instalación, land-art, performance e infografía 3D. Las diferentes disciplinas y técnicas tienen diferentes características. Por ello mi actitud ha sido diferente en cada una de ellas y no he desarrollado un estilo propio, sino varios aunque con algunas similitudes y características permanentes como el colorismo de mis obras. Ante la magnitud de aspectos relacionados con la expresión artística, con la comunicación visual (y audio-visual), con los procesos cognitivos y con la simbología, entre otros, me ha interesado mas el aprendizaje, la exploración de “nuevos territorios” y el desarrollo de técnicas propias que la creación de un estilo propio, en una única disciplina, dentro de un movimiento artístico determinado.

En los últimos años he trabajado con herramientas 3D. El proceso creativo empezó con el planteamiento conceptual. Me ha interesado trabajar con la idea del “espejo virtual”, del simbolismo misterioso que tienen los espejos, del pensamiento de Jean Cocteau sobre la identidad: “Los espejos antes de darnos la imagen que reproducen, deberían reflexionar un poco”, de que en el inconsciente colectivo, el espejo se convierte en una especie de puerta a otra dimensión, al mundo de lo sobrenatural, y estoy presentando varias series ya acabadas realizadas con materiales reflectantes y refractantes que producen imágenes mas o menos figurativas de unas mujeres muy evolucionadas que alegóricamente construyen un mundo mejor.



Daria Ratliff - USA

I see art as a door to a secret garden and thatís a place where I enjoy being. Iím Daria Ratliff and I create photographs from the ground up, just like building a place where Iíll be spending a long time, a place where I can always go. My inspiration is continuously collected from the ordinary, simple things surrounding me that I take into deep consideration, trying to create something unique and intriguing. My family and our quiet life in the country are my greatest joys and infinite happiness that I gracefully convey into my images.



Dana Yamini - Sweden

Photography is not only preserving the moment, it is also preserving the feeling.

The Grill: There is a Persian tradition to welcoming the new year. It contains food, dans and different ceremonis. I admire people who preserv their tradition. This Photo is taken at Mach, in the center of Stockholm and freezing cold. I wanted to show the warmth.

Gangster Game:
Here I want to show the effect which media movies and news has on children. Wapen has become a common toy.
These are three boys with different backgrounds but still united connecting thru the game.

Young woman with troubled path in here life, with lost of friends and family members.