Group Show "Seeing Blue"

Artist Statements

Richard Baron - (United States)

Artist Statement: "Blue symbolizes different things to me. The color blue in my work often portrays a mood of coldness or depression or a "darkness" in my work. It represents "space" that holds objects in it.

In general, my work is largely personal, intuitive and autobiographical, both in terms of content and expression. What stimulates and entices me in the work is the process and act of exploration of visual and artistic mediums and methods of expression. My work usually, starts with marks or a reference (a photograph or a remembrance, etc.) that serve as a starting point for that piece. During the process of creating the piece, I pay attention to where my emotions, intuition, and subconscious lead me. What results, I hope is a piece that is authentic, suggestive and insightful to the individual viewer."

Richard Baron - Abstract Painter

email: reddingrich@gmail.com
Web: www.richardbaronfinearts.com


Alain Brazeau - (Canada)

Artist Statement: I paint mostly landscapes and my style is quite classical. I also have a small fanfare side. When I saw the tree in the shade, immediately I knew that I would put it on canvas voila!

Alain Brazeau - (Canada) Landscape Painter

email: artbit@sympatico.ca
Web: www.alainbrazeau.com


Corliss Chastain - (United States)

Artist Statement:. The original impulse that drives me to begin an image is a narrative or story. Personal, social and global justice are recurring themes in my work. During a Fulbright Fellowship to Japan, in 2007, my research included the history, tradition and design of Kimono, which resulted in an ongoing series of paintings celebrating this multi-patterned structure.

The enduring design of the Kimono is carefully constructed, and traditional Kimonos are often worn in layers " one on top of another " only partially revealed at the edges of openings. Major themes of linear structure and juxtaposed patterns inspired by the thoughtful attention to line, as well as the layers of pattern and texture are indicative of Kimono, an iconic metaphor for the colorful, structured, multi-layered Japanese culture.

Here, an under-water situation is implied. Partial submersion poses the question: Emerging, or Submerging? Rising, or Sinking? The Tsunami of March 11, 2011, left devastation in its wake Japan continues to struggle with. In an anxiously awaited email, finally received two weeks after the catastrophe, my friend - a doctor who had been volunteering in the Miyagi and Chiba Prefectures - wrote, and there is much devastation, sadness and grief?We Japanese are a resilient people?and we will rise again.

Although partially submerged and obscured, the vibrancy of that culture and resilience of the people are illuminated - remaining afloat and rising, confident and optimistic, in the face of monumental challenges.

Corliss Chastain Fine Artists

email: corlisschastain@gmail.com
Web: www.CorlissChastain.com


Trayc Claybrook - (United States)

Artist Statement: Specifically, the color blue in my work represents the freeing of old ideas while opening oneself to new inspiration, a choice to move forward in life.

Generally, I use painting, installation, and video to explore ideas about personal transformation, spirituality and the unfolding of consciousness in a modern, allegorical way. The characters in my work are generic, universal and inspired by modern media (fashion, film, folk music). My paintings are organized on the surface like hieroglyphs. They read from left to right and tell a story of personal fear, dreams and spiritual evolution. My canon is made up of color palettes that are derived from vintage illustrations and symbols gathered from fairy tales, ghost stories and legends. The stories first convey a feeling of nostalgia for a remote past then reflect the pathos of our psychological culture. In the end, the goal is to create a focus of belonging and shared experiences and to reveal the true human behind the mythic character.

The medium is just as important to me as the message. Film is a modern form of communication for the dissemination of mythological tales. Audiences are well equipped to give themselves over to the medium and it is a more common experience. Painting and installation are esoteric ways of telling stories, more narrow in their reach. They dare me to go deep inside myself, get my hands dirty and grapple with whom I am and what my truth is. Admittedly, and partly due to my career in film and television, I am pushing myself to discover how to use time-based media to accomplish the same depth of meaning. I take these factors in to account when deciding what form my content will require.

My career in teaching, filmmaking/television and fine art have enabled me to explore characters, archetypes and the traditional roles they play and to experiment with how those stories translate in contemporary media and fine art.

Trayc Claybrook - (United States) Artist

email: traycclaybrook@gmail.com
Web: www.traycclaybrook.com


Alex Cuchilla - (El Salvador)

Artis Statement: Artist visual, I've always considered, peripheral, i.e. never liked being the center of something, since the birth of my two little angels, my expectations within the art changed, and since then I have started to explore new languages, stands and projects caught in time, but keeping intact my plastic discourse, i.e. by making few concessions in my work.

Therefore my proposal tries to shake our conscience with a realistic and simple technique occasionally touching the formalists and the surrealists, mixing the candor and spontaneity of infants against the moral depletion of the human being, cleft in a corrupt and routine city, but in counterpoint also those youngsters and infants transcend on these alternate worlds of dreams travel and changes to the interior of our consciousness.

The cityscapes are the reflection of human bewilderment, of neglect and physical and moral corruption to which we are subjected daily. Children and young people symbolize the sincere and enthusiastic impetus strengthened under our social environment. Are the fragmentation of hopes that is hide behind them smiles and them gestures francs of my character

Alex Cuchilla - (El Salvador) Fine Art Painter

email: alex_cuchilla@yahoo.es
Web: www.alexcuchilla.com


Anna DeStefano - (United States)

Artist Statement: LIGHT BLUE

Shooting over multiple days on a single stretch of South Carolina beach, the artist works with cloud pattern, tide and sand, capturing a hopeful study of life's shifting path.

Our journey forever changing, one moment's vivid pattern reinvents itself into the next. The world is alive, above and below and around. Sky shifts. Waters rush and recede. Certainty's blue canvas washes clean, renewing again and again. Golden light traces a way through. Trusting in purpose, in promise, the luckiest of us learn to flow and melt like the sea and sand and sky, walking onward toward discovery.


In natureís serene mystery, at the heart of its abstraction, weíre called to pause. To look closer. To see until we understand. Affirmation Photographyô's abstract series challenges the viewer to ponder the life and the living tucked between the lines of our everyday world.

Anna DeStefano is a Georgia Tech honors graduate and #1 best selling, award winning novelist. Recovering from sudden illness, she discovered the healing energy of nature photography while hiking and hunting for interior waterfalls in the North Georgia Mountains, and exploring beaches and marshlands along the Lowcountry coasts of her childhood.

Affirmation Photography: fine art pieces are represented by a small gallery outside Clarkesville, Georgia. Two editions of photographic meditation are sold in out-of-the-way places in the artistís beloved mountains. Those who stumble across them may bring home a piece of her vision to inspire their own search for healing. For weekly affirmations join the conversation on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/affirmationphotography/. To contact Anna directly, reach out to photography@annawrites.com.

Anna DeStefano - Fine Art Photographer (United States

email: annawrites@mindspring.com
Web: www.instagram.com/affirmationphotography


Deborah Edwards - (France)

Artist Statement: Deborah Edwards' work draws largely on the complexities of the human condition. It is developed in sketchbooks that are journalistic visual diaries, recording the people, places, land and seascapes she has encountered. Sources include third-hand images and photographs taken from documentaries and the daily news, along with a stockpile of news clippings gathered over the years. This material serves as a starting point to develop work which draws on the politics of experience, rather than the constructed representations of an often compromised media industry.

Now living in France, Deborah Edwards (born in Manchester U.K.) is a practising Artist. She is a passionate promoter of Art Education, working in Prison with young and adult offenders. Taking inspiration from her experiences of living in a diversity of cultures and countries (Africa, the Middle East, East/Western Europe) and working with a cross section of society, her works reflect her dynamic personality and a belief that - Art in its most ?expressive form? can mirror a kaleidoscope of colours and emotions, raise awareness politically whilst attempting to question "the truth".

Deborah Edwards Fine Art Painter - France

email: deborahedwards695@gmail.com
Web: debbie834.wordpress.com


Linda Lane Haynes - (United States)

Artist Statement: I prepare my palette and turn on the music. What I pick up from my palette and apply to the canvas is determined by the music, the voice, a word or a pause. I listen to a stream of songs, standing and painting until my canvas is in need of a rest and I feel the need to study it. I spend time viewing and evaluating the painting so I know how to proceed with the work. I paint with freedom, allowing marks of color to act as musical expression. I feel the music as a physical thing; it flows through me and around me. I hope the viewer will experience some of this freedom and find meaning from the paintings. Perhaps their perception of music itself will be stretched or reshaped.

Linda Lane Haynes Artist Abstract Painter

email: linda.lhaynes@yahoo.com
Web: unionstreetgallery.org/linda-lane-haynes


Anna Marie January - (United States)

Artist Statement: I'm a mixed media artist living and working in Los Angeles. I use hexagonal wire mesh to sculpt expressive figures and abstract pieces that allow light and air to move through and around them. The inherent qualities of the medium enable me to create sculptures that are both form and space, there and not there. In 2015 I began pairing my sculptures with paintings. So, does this make my art 5D?

​Inspired by the human condition and beyond, I hope to create work that sparks little patches of remembrance, curiosity, and smiles for us both

Anna Marie January Sculptor

email: anna@annamariejanuaryart.com
Web: www.annamariejanuary.com


Marta Konieczny - (Poland)

Artis Statement: My house is surrounded by nature. Every day I walk trough the forest and admire plants around me. Trees are my favourite. I can feel their majesty. I look closely at their shape, surface structure, I perceive drawings on leaves. In my works I create my intimate world full of botanical forms. I express my everlasting admiration for the nature. I wish my love towards plants was contagious, so that we could all fully appreciate the influence of the forces of nature.

email: konies@op.pl
Web: www.martakonieczny.art.pl


Yashwant Kumar - (India)

Artist Statement: Trinetri (one who has three eyes) is one of a form of Paramashakti in which parama means absolute and Shakti means power. There are different forms of mother goddess in our mythology, most popular are Durga and Kaali both have three eyes . There is a list of 108 names used to describe paramashakti (mother of Universe and wife of Lord Shiva).

Yashwant Kumar Fine Artist Painter  India

email: yashwant.fd.nift@gmail.com


James Peterson - (United States)

Artist Statement: My work is inspired by a lifelong love of the natural world and the human spaces we have created within it, which in turn was a very predictable result of growing up in the Southwestern USA. If my images convey a bit of reverence for our threatened planet and its beautiful territories and inhabitants, then I feel that I am happily serving my mission.

Four of my five images in this exhibit were made with an infrared camera. I began experimenting with infrared photography about three years ago, and quickly fell in love with it. It allows me to interpret scenes and landscapes in what is quite literally a new light, and it brings out the spirit of my subjects and their relationships with each other - and with us - in ways that our eyes would otherwise not be able to grasp.

James Peterson photographer

email: jdp3az@yahoo.com
Web: www.JamesPeterson.name


Bruce Pollock - (United States)

Artist Statement: My recent paintings use the color blue exclusively. Blue is the darkest color possessing the greatest spatial extension and depth. Blue references the sky and the seas; it is the foremost color of our "blue planet", represents the infinite "blue yonder" and infers verisimilitude as "true blue". My goal is to express the spiritual dimensions of nature by uniting the far reaches of cosmic space and the inner reaches of macro space.

The process I employ is to use white and shades of indigo blue pigment to paint geometric patterns and structures derived from natural and mathematical sources. This imagery references energy fields, cellular architecture, constellated starlight, atomic matrixes as well as earthly landscapes and interiors. Manifesting the boundless, my paintings serve as windows for reverie about the order of the universe and our place within it.

Bruce Pollock paintings

email: bwpollock@comcast.net
Web: www.brucepollock.com


Alexandru Popovski - (United States)

Artist Statement: I'm an amateur photographer working basically in seascape and underwater photography. I want to show the beauty of the costal nature and how it can be seen with the photo camera utilizing special techniques such a long exposure that gives more dramatic feel to the image.

The Tropical Sky images has won an IPA 2016 Award (3rd place, Nature/non-professional category)

Alexandru Popovschi Photographer

email: alexandru.popovski@gmail.com
Web: www.apopovski.com


Daniel Prelipcean - (Canada)

Artist Statement: In my work, I combine realistic imagery with metaphorical elements in a mixture of recognizable subjects and things from an imaginary world that add a spiritual component to the final product. I create images that have an aesthetic impact on the viewer, but also contain intriguing elements which can trigger questions and emotions. My art is a translation into form and colour of an existential search, or to be more exact, of a continuous process of trying to find an identity, or to discover what lies beyond the factual barriers of everyday life.

Daniel Prelipcean Artist Painter  (Canda

email: leinad0050@yahoo.ca


Erica Rossetto - (United States)

Artist Statement: The Gathering Intention series is inspired by the mundane and overlooked materials that we throw into our garbage or recycling bin every day. It reflects the metaphor that beauty and meaning can be created from garbage and randomness. Each artwork is made up of hundreds of small circles cut out from a variety of materials including colored cardboards, papers, and fabrics that were collected and gathered over the course of many months. This time consuming yet meditative process reflects the ways that with a little intention, one can create something of beauty and significance out of nothing.

Erica Rossetto Mixed Media Artist

email: rossettojade@gmail.com
Web: www.erica-rossetto.squarespace.com


Carol Scott - (United States)

Artist Statement: The Crystal Blue Series is a visual exploration of light. In my work, the viewer sees form changing as light refractions travel through its shape, multiplying layers of reality. The question becomes how do the prismatic effects of color alter a structural form? Blue is the dominant color I use to create the icy transparent crystal illusions.

Carol Scott  painter artist

email: jcscott1707@hotmail.com
Web: carolscottart.com


Lynn Skordal - (United States)

Artist Statement: Lynn lives and works on an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by a big city, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After retiring from the practice of law in 2008, she began making artist?s books and small works on paper. Old-style cut & paste collage has been and remains a favorite medium, and she frequently also incorporates sewing techniques, thread, fabric, metal, wood, and other materials into her pieces. Lynns work has appeared in book arts and collage exhibitions across the country. She says: "For me, collage is about juxtaposition -- in materials, methods and content" and there's always a story with a little bit of mystery to it. My collage pieces often mix historical images and popular culture, with a little dash of magical realism. The goal is always to startle, amuse or provoke.

Lynn Skordal Artist

email: generalone@comcast.net
Web: regularpaper.blogspot.com


Terry Slade - (United States)

ArtistStatement: Each of these works addresses the concept of emotional and spiritual transcendence.

"Mantra for the Survival of the Earth" ponders the question of the earth itself as a small part of the larger whole of the universe.

"Ascension / Awakening" explores the concept of spiritual enlightenment and the quest for knowledge on a different plan.

"One Hand Clapping" calls to question the Taoist concept of existence and being.

As a contemplative color blue, and the use of fused glass, is intended to invite the viewer to contemplate their own place in the universe and to ponder the fragility of existence.

All works are suspended to allow them to move freely, responding to their environment, adding the element of time to the experience.

Terry Slade Sculptor

email: tsladeart@gmail.com
Web: www.flickr.com/photos/tsladeart/albums


James Sparks - (United States)

ArtistStatement: These particular paintings with their cool, monochromatic color scheme, are painted with thickly applied paint to highlight the patterns,textures and repetitions within the overall design. The initial inspiration came from some earlier photographs of mine that I feel are now more interesting when transformed by this interprtation in oils on stretched linen.

James Sparks Painter

email: sparksphoto@verizon.net
Web: www.jamesbsparks.com