Robert Kaupelis "Abstract"


For Immediate Release
September 13, 2005

Artist Robert Kaupelis

"Abstract paintings by Robert Kaupelis"

Gallery 25N is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Robert Kaupelis.
Mr. Kaupelis is a master of the abstract form and has had showings in such prestigious venues as MOMA, The Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C. and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  Mr. Kaupelis, has also had a distinguished career at New York University that spanned three decades during which he was considered one of the nations most outstanding art teachers.  However, it is his paintings that will stand at the apex of his legacy.

In person, it is Bob Kaupelis’ lightness of spirit that makes the most lasting impression and this spirit translates beautifully into his paintings. He is a gifted draftsman and colorist and he uses these skills wonderfully to produce works of complexity and uncommon beauty. His works are full of energy and often make you feel that you are witnessing the explosive beauty of chaos ordered by a calm and knowing hand.

The shows largest work, “Go Go Gold”, illustrates another point regarding Mr. Kaupelis – he often titles his works with a good measure of whimsy. Be sure to read the titles they will make you smile. The painting also exhibits all of the other notable characteristics. The surface is dense and complex with textures and colors produced by a masterly hand and eye. Its’ seeming explosion of color and line is nonetheless highly structured by a gifted aesthetic sensibility. 

Mr. Kaupelis creates high-energy works of rare joy and beauty. It is all too seldom in today’s world that we get to be in the presence of these virtues. Art is one of the principle vehicles for such experiences and Robert Kaupelis’ art delivers.

Oct. 22 - Dec. 4
Gallery 25N
25 North Division Street
Peekskill, NY 10566

Artist Reception
Saturday, Oct. 22, 4 - 7pm