Robert Federico"Spiritual Energy"

Artists Statement

Living as a fine artist I have always tried to stay centered in a universal mentality, trying to speak to everyone. I process through many filters always measuring against the past, present and future.

The most important filter is the beginning, the point of departure. The Chauvet Cave contains the oldest known paintings in the world, a small glimpse of the dawn of the creative process, and the key to understanding art itself. As we push the boundaries of our knowledge new words are needed to describe the concepts, but often it is pictures that make this information easily understood.

Certainly this is the age of images. At a certain point there are no words that can contain or express what the mind can comprehend and feel. We now possess the most amazing tools for creating imagery and the technology to reach millions of minds at once. It begs the question: What do we choose to express?

I have always been drawn to beauty and truth. At some point in my life it became clear to me that the most important filter is love. By embracing love, beauty and truth follow. Now how does one express this through art? For me it seems a spiritual process occurred in which I offered myself in service of this mission to share these concepts, to get them out there into our consciousness.

My point of departure is nature, and the universe that exists within it. One of the most interesting aspects of the paintings at Chauvet, is the lack of images of humans. Instead there is a most amazing integration of images and the rock surfaces of the cave itself, a total relationship. It’s as if the cave is a natural sculpture and the images are influenced by the surface and shape of the colored limestone. More importantly there are the three elements of love, beauty and truth, achieved through a complete spiritual connection to nature and the universe.

In our age we have new “cave walls” such as CRT’s (tv), projectors, plasma displays and fantastic printers to integrate ideas with our world and in our caves. The images we absorb are a reflection of the state of our consciousness. My offering is an insight into the most basic yet most important concept in this universe: energy.

At the moment, light combined with moving water is flowing thru me, yet there are many forms of energy that interest me such as fire and other forms of plasma. Controlling and directing energy is at the moment humanity’s most important issue, one that transcends all levels of existence. Art, thru love, is my way of getting that message out there, in a universal language: the image.