Group Show "Pure Abstraction"


Rikardo Druskic Bosnia and Herzegovina

I'm finished with Graphic Design and I had four group shows and six solo shows. (Sarajevo, Los Angeles,Miami, Mostar) Everything I draw is the product of my imagination and that is why I believe that my art is original. The abstraction is my artistic direction. I draw everything by hand, and eventually built the colors in a photo shop.

One of my favorite critics is: "Creative expression and deep emotion transposed through arts,says thousands words and are not for the eyes of ordinary mortals."


Pedro Fuertes USA

"The necessity of abstracting without, at the same time, abandoning shapes entirely, has caused the master, Fuertes, to capture distinct harmonies from numerous relationships,developing them according to a new logic, conveying them to a new, unique level of their own."


Lola Lonli Russia

"For me, painting is a special meditation, first there is an image or dream, a thought or even just a word, in the process of drawing the idea is built, and color and composition come from somewhere. I paint with tempera and fluorescent pigments, which change color in black light, to express my feeling of natural energy penetrating all things and beings around us, constantly in motion and interactions, constantly changing, regardless of whether we see it or not. Every person all the time is contacting this energy with his own aura, leaving his trace on the energetic pattern of the World, which depending on person's thoughts and feelings could enhance and harmonize natural energy pattern or otherwise destroy some parts of it.


Ryota Matsumoto Japan

Ryota Matsumoto is a principal of Ryota Matsumoto Studio based in Tokyo. He received Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania in 2007 after studying at Architectural Association in London and Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art in early 90's. His drawings and built work are featured in numerous Japanese and English publications. His current interest gravitates around the embodiment of cultural possibilities in art, architecture, and urban topography.

The drawings develop and demonstrate the hybrid/multi-layered process where varying scale, juxtaposition of different forms, intertwined textures/tones are applied to reinvent and question the spatial conditions of drawings. His artworks explore a hybrid drawing technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, and graphite) and digital media (algorithmic processing, scripting and image compositing with custom software ) .

The complex spatial structures and forms are created by algorithmic and generative processes. Then they are redefined and reconfigured with traditional painting/drawing techniques that add colors, textures and details to compositions.


Joy Munt Canada

"My main brush is a power sander. It allows me to approach my landscapes in the matter in which I perceive them, which is a beautiful world of construction, stasis and deterioration and yet somehow polished and smooth."


Keith Parks USA

I am a fifty-something photographer and graphic designer living in Southern California. I have been taking and making pictures since the days when it made your fingers smell (aaahhh... fixer). I am most inspired by the phenomenon of nature that we call “light”, by its human offspring vision and perception, and by the amazing things that happen when the three come together.


Candace Primack USA

As an abstract painter, I am driven by intuition, emotion and reflection. Layers of translucent paint are methodically applied amidst symbols and mark making, creating a depth that suggests both ethereal and concrete expression. The end result often alluding to the idea of building blocks, each color field expresses its own sense of history and possibility.


Maura Segal USA

Maura Segal lives in Los Angeles and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design from California State University, Northridge. Her pieces begin with a base of acrylic, which are then layered with thin strips of many different types of collected papers. Her inspiration comes from the endless ways in which different colors, shapes and textures present themselves and coexist in the urban landscape; brilliant and complex patterns creating an ever-changing flow, a fragile rhythm and equilibrium.


Tom Trubshaw USA

Tom Trubshaw makes sculptures and wall art with reclaimed wood, acrylic paint, and cement for bases. He enjoys the play that takes place when aged wood and his worn paint effects give the impression that his pieces date from another era, for instance a 100 year old Abstract sculpture or a 50 year old Pop Artwork, movements that have influenced him from an early age. The necessities of the process are the essence of his work, with the medium and techniques he employs providing an experimental, spontaneous, and welcome challenge. His work can be sculptural, painterly, whimsical, brooding, fierce, gentle, and expressive.


Mary Ann Wakeley USA

Mary Ann Wakeley's paintings are a reflection and expression of Life experienced from the inside out. Through an energetic, feeling-based celebration of color and line she conveys her world through layered, overlapping, entwining, electrically charged, and connecting forms in various mediums. She creates for the joy of it and is further compelled to create when viewers are able to connect with a special place inside themselves through her art.