G25N'S "Portraits"


Sabin Chintoan - Romania

Sabin Chintoan, Arad, Romania (n. 1974)
The word who would define my art, is diversity. To improve myself and desiring to find the type of painting that suits me the best, I tried diffrent sorts of painting and I have approached many themes.

My painter career started in 1990, I was in highscool and started the apprenticeship under the guidance of some church painters, because I wanted to experience: the discipline imposed by church painting worksites, new tecniques (fresco, tempera and acrylic on wall), wall painting, great scale mural paintings, complex compositions with many characters. In 1998, I graduated the Art University, and since then I am certificated as canvas and mural painter.
From 2010, I felt the need to bring the art in the comunity, in the public attention, by painting compositions full of colour and meaning on the grey walls of the towns.

At the present I have mural (street/interior/church painting)an canvas painting projects as well. My newest canvas painting projects are: ÑNO to forced modernismî, ÑPainting beyond commercialî and ÑUsî.

email: sabinchintoan@gmail.com
Web: www.facebook.com/sabinchintoan.streetpainting


Garry Cruz - USA

I was born in new york city and live here. I have traveled the world while in the army , studied just about everywhere there is to be studied in three decades. I have been working in this city for what seems forever and great place for inspiration . I will not bore any more with my personal so much to talk about however I will try to explain my work and how I came about creating the art works as best as I can.

I like to think that my mind and the dreams I generate are so in touch with nature which sometimes and mostly are divinely inspired! Dreams. The mind is so connected to nature ! I can’t help but marvel at how, why and where! Mysteries of this reality and such are on my thoughts, I dwell on this existence while I paint my compositions! I look at my mind as a room where dreams are made and found them so intense for which I will attempt to capture them! All dreams are influenced by this world . At one point I would call it the dream room which is to name that area in my brain where I find my creative. I have composed already dozen or so of these dreams which I would like to share with the world one day and I am currently involved in a group of four compositions which represents more my personal moments in it , being my beliefs, thoughts and hopes. Dreams

email: garrysstudio1@gmail.com


Errol Daniels - USA

I have always been drawn to the issues and people that I photograph, as if itís somehow in my DNA. Telling stories about people has broadened my life and enabled me to pursue projects that I find important, such as a young Cuban girl with spina bifuda who transcends her disability, children who are victims of war in Uganda, Appalachian coal miners with black lung disease who have been denied federal benefits or members of the Trans* community.

By interviewing and creating portraits of people, I am given the opportunity to enter into their lives and witness the circumstances in which they live.

I am very grateful to everyone who opened their hearts to me.

email: errol@errolphoto.com
Web: www.errolphoto.com


Brian DiNicola - USA


Brian DiNicola received his BFA in Illustration from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2011. In 2013, he received his MFA from the same university and continues to paint and apply to exhibits. Since his departure, Brian has exhibited in Chicago, Boston, Connecticut, New York, and most recently California. His work was published in Art Ascent’s February 2015 issue “Portraits;” receiving the Bronze Award. Brian’s work was also featured in Volume 30 of the Boston produced, Studio Visit Magazine. He is drawn to figuration and contemporary approaches to portraiture.

Artist Statement

I’m drawn to figuration and the language of paint. I look at people and see them clothed in expression. Physically pushing pigment forces me to approach the figure as a painter who wants to sculpt.
I use portraiture as the platform to solve questions in paint. I use apparel to reinforce volume. Ribbons, straps, roses, and graphic shirts are devices to convince the viewer of my subject’s orientation. They produce contours, perspective, and define planar changes. Clothing accentuates dimensions and allows me to “turn form.” Aside from their objective function, these “props” contribute to the identity of the individual. They contribute to simple narratives that certain viewers affiliate with. Adornments are useful idiosyncratic signatures that create the persona of my subject.

I use multiple mixtures of mediums. I’ve found success using linseed oil and Gamblin. There are occasions when I use straight cold-press linseed oil. However, I prefer to use non-acidic Galkyd Gel. I learned to paint with acrylics and would always mix with Matte Medium. The Galkyd Gel has a similar function - transparency. However with oils, its consistency is relative to Elmer’s Glue. It can get pasty and often times, tacky. The traditional “fat over lean” formula works well in hand when I use gel mediums.
At the end of the day, nothing is more recognizable than a person. This is why portraiture transcends time - it’s a universal language. There is no second-guessing what you’re looking at. Whether elements represent a rebellious youth, or simply love Akira, no amount of software can download as fast as viewers can sympathize with the likeness of another human being.

email: briandinicola@gmail.com
Web: www.briandinicola.prosite.com


Barbara Goodwin - USA

As a person, I study nearly anything that lives and breathes. As an artist, I try to capture not only the moment, but the essence of the person in front of my lens.

This image was shot as part of a body of work which examines tattooed individuals on a deeply personal level. Each person shares their story and allows me the honor of telling it through images and handwritten text. This is an on-going project; as I continue to collect stories, I feel a connection to the work and people that will last a lifetime.

email: bjgoodwin42@gmail.com
Web: www.barbigphotos.com


Ailey Greig - USA

I live with ghosts. I have since I was four. One morning long ago, I was making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and when I looked up from my task I found a woman sitting at the dining room table who wasn’t there before. She had long straight brown hair, her eyes were shadowed by her bangs, and she wore a white collared blouse tucked into a long gray skirt. Her name was Mrs. McCatherty, the previous owner of the house who died in 1989. I offered to make her a sandwich, but she didn’t respond. I then told her to wait there so I could get my mom. When we came back, she was gone. I have met many ghosts since Mrs. McCatherty, but never again did I mistake one for a living person.
Those ghosts certainly live within my art. My paintings contort the laws of reality so my viewer is able to see the truth of my subjects emotional interactions with other people, animals, neighborhoods, social and economic constructs and other common elements that influence the identity of a person. Without words my figures and their settings speak to one another relaying a story. In the painting AC III the classroom is described with limited colors and made up mostly of lines, or hard boundaries. The boy looks out the window that is off the canvas, as spray painted birds start to dissolve and distort the lines that make up his environment. In this moment that could only be captured by art, a dialog concerning a student versus an inmate is being held between the boy and his environment.

My experience as a painter on the other hand is an act of communion with pigment on canvas. More importantly, color creates emotion, often the unseen force in the world of my paintings. That world should suggest to my viewer another world inside of it, hidden but alive.

email: aileygreig@gmail.com


Karol Kedzierski - Germany

Born in 1984 in Lodz, Poland.
Gtaduated The Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy
of Fine Art, Lodz, Poland.
Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting, Specialty: Painting
Degree in painting with honors.

After graduation, working for one year as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts of Wladyslaw Strzeminski in Lodz, Poland. Now lives and works as a painter and a graphic designer in Germany.

"My painting focuses mainly on a man and a relationship between people and the space around them. Important subject of my paintings is a character of a models and a mood of silence, anxiety and isolation.
In my art I use the realistic form, where I put special emphasis on color relationships and subtle light to accentuate the mood of a scene."

email: karokedzierski@gmail.com


Jeff Klena - USA

I briefly attended the Cleveland Institute of Art (1992-1993) but found hanging out at the Euclid Tavern and the Cleveland Museum of Art much more educational.

Music and Art have been a constant force in moving my life forward. Although the past is a constant reminder of promises forgotten. I now make good on the little lies that get me through the night. The reinventing of the dream-self on every new morning. The doorway between the conscious self and the subconscious ideal has been left open. What remains of the journey lies in paint. My Style is subjective to the viewers preconceptions. I am a figure artist. The rest is up for interpretation.

The artistic influences on my paintings are quite varied. I am most influenced by the Symbolist. Which turned into the modern Illustration movement. Everyone from Klimt to Schiele from Bacon and Auerbach to Frazetta and Giger. All my idols are dead. It is my time to start a new generation of dreamers.

email: jaksasquatchian74@gmail.com
Web: www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/jeff-klena.html


Thomas McKee - USA

email: tpmckeeart@gmail.com


Jonathan Murrill - USA

As an artist it is important for me to represent the working class of Southwest Virginia through portraiture. During my time in manual labor the emotional kaleidoscope of the working class captivated me. In my concentrations of oil painting and charcoal drawing I now focus primarily on the human expression and personalities of the many Southwest Virginia workers I have met or have worked alongside. Through my co -workers I have gained a deeper understanding of the lifestyle, struggles, and the human spirit that each of these workers embodies. My intention in my own work is to provide a contemporary perspective on the human spirit of the working class through the use of expression. This use of expression provides a new perspective on the subjectivity of beauty and how beauty may be treated using unique subjects and contrasting techniques.

In my own work with oils I have found that the techniques of scraping the paint into and out of the canvas allow for the rugged and tattered feel that these workers possess. In my paintings I work completely without a brush using palette knives or any other tool capable of scraping and degrading the canvas surface. My work in oils is complimented by my charcoal drawings which, through photorealism, provide a different context of reality from which to see and interact with each individual I represent. Overall, my work does not represent an idealistic beauty, but rather, it represents the spirit of working class individuals and depth of character that they each possess.

email: murrillart@gmail.com
Web: www.murrillart.com


Catalina Oproiu - Romania

I have graduated University of Arts, canvas painting specialization, but lately I have worked mostly in the mural painting field, which had change my technique of painting in general, it made it more lighter, like an aquarelle.
The painting in the contest is a portrait of my belowed one proceding to one of his usuale technique of persuation: puppy eyes.

email: catalinaoproiu@gmail.com
Web: www.facebook.com/sabinchintoan.streetpainting


Holly Siniscal - USA

Portraiture allows me to connect and bring out the personalities in my Subjects. Amplifying certain moments like the line-tangled texture of hair and the reflective qualities of light on skin. To create a hyper-real space of detail and fantasy. Collaborating with my subjects I exaggerate their individualistic qualities to portray a certain inner-emotionality, whether it be a quirky defiance or a dreamy melancholy.

email: hollyarts1@aol.com
Web: www.hollyarts1.com


Sebastian Springall - United Kingdom

Sebastian Springall (also known as Springz) has been drawing from an early age and in 2010 turned his hand to airbrushing. Painting is now his passion and he has a creative journey ahead of him but looks forward to providing aesthetically wonderful pieces of art.

email: seb10@hotmail.com
Web: www.springzart.com


Cristian Strittmatter - USA

Visual artist capturing culture through modern portraiture.

email: cristian@cstrit.com
Web: www.stritart.com


Tun-Ping Wang - USA

This portrait was meant to visualize the impression I had for my friend Jeff Gipe: His mellow nature is reflected through his appearances and speech. As soft-spoken as he may appear to be, his determined voice speaks of his firm beliefs. Being a fellow artist of his, I'm no stranger to this set of eyes that shines apt confidence, accompanied by a faint smile vaguely revealed under his untrimmed beard.

email: tunpingwang@gmail.com
Web: www.tunpingwang.com