Group Show "Pets We Love 2"


Robert Bootier - United States

Artists Statement:

email: rbootier@nycap.rr.com
Web: www.bootierart.com


Sam Dolman - United Kingdom

Artists Statement: I have always been a keen artist but it wasn't until after University whilst pursuing a dull career in Accountancy that I realised my true calling. I started painting seriously when I moved to Spain. The sunsets were spectacular which I painted from a villa in the southern mountains. When I returned to England, the Peak District motivated me in a different way... One day I stumbled across some cows whilst photographing the landscape. It was my first real encounter as I leant over a fence. Soon they had all come over to give me a lick and say hello. Cows, with their intelligence and curious nature remain my favourite animals to paint to this day.

Nature provides me with a constant source of inspiration. I often spend considerable time with the animals I paint whether it be a dog or a chimpanzee; they all have unique personalities which I try to capture in oil paints.

I work very slowly, my paintings are usually worked on over several months to allow drying in between different layers. Nowadays I paint entirely on wood. I use synthetic brushes, carefully blending each brushstroke into the next to create a very smooth finish.

email: samdolman@ymail.com
Web: www.samdolman.com


Derek Galon - Dominica

Artists Statement:

email: office@ozonezonebooks.com
Web: www.ArtPhotographyServices.com


Barbara Goodwin - United States

Artists Statement: About five years ago I began to use photography as a means to bring rescue animals and people together. 450 animals later, it is still the most fun I have with my camera and I always get the unexpected because animals are so unpredictable. Whether the animal is up for adoption or somebody's personal pet, the smiles and laughter an animal image brings to the viewer keeps me doing this type of work. I am convinced there's a gene for modeling in animals because all those guys know how to work a camera; and as an added bonus, not one of them has ever told me they look fat in a picture. As this particular genre of my work evolves, I hope to one day bring awareness to this cause on a much larger scale.

All of the animals used for this series are adopted from rescues. A broader sampling of work I've done with animals may be viewed on my website.

email: bjgoodwin42@gmail.com
Web: www.barbigphotos.com


Tracey Hill - Canada

Artists Statement: Painting wildlife and pet portraits isnt a job. It is a privilege. To capture the essence of an animal is to capture all of humanity and compassion in the stroke of a brush.

email: traceyhillart@gmail.com
Web: www.traceyhillart.com


Deborah LaFogg Docherty - United States

Artists Statement: My art combines my great loves: animals, nature and painting. Most of what I paint is from life experience. While I am working in nature, I strive to give people a glimpse of how animals live in the wild, raise their young, court and survive. I appreciate the opportunity to into a secret world so many never get a chance to see and to provide a better understanding of the world we share.

My quest has been rewarding. My journeys have take me from Everglades National Park to Denali National Park. Museum visits both at home and abroad have added to my development.

I share my passion for the world around us through color and excitement, which I believe is contagious!

email: artby22@bellsouth.netm
Web: www.lafogg.con


Gabriel Lavoie - Canada

Artists Statement:

email: gabriel.lavoie@ucm.ca
Web: gabriellavoie.ca


Terry Mellway - Canada

Artists Statement: Art has always been a part of my life. The connection I feel to everything around me, in the shapes, the colors and the details comes from deep within and my aim is to enable my viewers to see that connection through my artwork and hopefully allow them to appreciate the beauty all around us. Today colored pencils are an extension of my passion for art. When a piece turns out well for me I feel it, so each painting is part of my joy.

- Terry Mellway/Artist/Author/Member of CPSA(Colored Pencil Society of America)/Member of Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative Inc./Member of Charleswood Group of Artists, Forum Art Centre Group, Manitoba Society of Artists

email: shoot650@shaw.ca
Web: www.terrymellway.wordpress.com


Jernee Montoya - United States

Artist Statement:

email: jernee19@gmail.com


Neil Murphy - United States

Artists Statement: Everyone needs a pet. Even an African Grey needs someone. Harvey saved up and bought his pet frog three years ago. He takes it everywhere he goes.

email: n3il.murphy@gmail.com
Web: www.neilmurphystudio.com


Shahed Pasha - India

Artists Statement: By creatively imagining tradition and mythological themes, my painting demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits. Further my painting represents the continuous challenge between the self and the world, the primordial and the modern, thereby bringing out contemporary values and realization. Historical, social and mythological aspects are centralized in my compositions. Despite being infused by original and radical ideas, the characters in my paintings continue to broadcast traditional values and true messages, attempting to strengthen the spiritual and moral character of the viewer.

email: shahed.pk@rediffmail.com


Judith Rubin - United States

Artists Statement: TI’ve been working in clay for as long as I can remember. For over twenty years, I was a full time character sculptor in the animation industry, and, as such, I created models for animated commercials and short films. It was lots of fun, but I was more inclined towards realism and in the past few years I have been working more in that vein. I am currently working on a statue of William Henry Seward for the capitol building in Juneau, Alaska.

I've always been interested in sculpting portraits whether they are human or animal. I love dogs and so I love sculpting dogs. I think their physical characteristics are well suited to clay- If they are long-haired, there's opportunity for design in the waves of their fur, if they are short-haired, there is their beautiful musculature to describe. And, of course, their eyes are so expressive.

email: judithrubin53@gmail.com
Web: www.judithrubin.wix.com/portfolio


Barbara Rudolph - United States

Artists Statement: I love to tell a story with my oil paintings. My primary focus is to paint an intimate portrait of a bird or animal that is often found in a peculiar or fun situation. Each painting is unique, thought provoking and often has a sense of humor to it. I love to spend time in the studio creating paintings that will bring joy into peoples lives.

email: br1fineart@cox.net
Web: www.barbararudolphfineart.com


Pat Saunders White - United States

Artists Statement: This Colorado artist, Pat Saunders-White, has combined here love of animals with the color theory of how color can evoke an emotional response. Her work imbues the looker with smiles and giggles.

email: patsw_art@yahoo.com
Web: www.patsaunderswhite.com


John Thomasson - United States

Artists Statement: My philosophy regarding my art. I paint from an inner need I would hope that my God has given me. I love to express the shade and texture of a subject that color sometimes tends to blend away.

email: jrthomasson@sptc.net


Maryann Torpey - United States

Artists Statement: I have been actively studying and creating art for over 25 years. My goal is to have my work reflect the splendor of Gods creation. When people view my paintings, I hope they feel a sense of joy and are uplifted. Currently I am enjoying the softness of pastels while maintaining the realistic qualities of the subject.

email: wmtorpey@aol.com
Web: www.wmtorpey.wix.com/maryanntorpey


Maria Woithofer - Poland

Artists Statement: I was born in Poland.I consider myself an amateur,self-taught painter,I began paintings in oils and till today is still my primary medium.

email: marialong@vp.pl
Web: www.maria-woithofer.pixels.com


Deb Woodman - United States

Artists Statement:

email: debwoodmanphotography@gmail.com
Web: www.debwoodmanphotography.com