Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 11 – July 17

Artist Koki Doktori


Gallery 25N in Peekskill, New York is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by internationally recognized artist Koki Doktori.  His work is widely collected and can be found in numerous prestigious private and public collections, including those of:

  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Israel Museum
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Haifa Museum
  • National Gallery

The exhibition, entitled Notations, will focus on the artist’s acrylics on black paper.

This exhibition of Doktori”s work reverberates with a creative force and rhythm that speaks to his artistic philosophy: “In these works it is the process that is important. The abstract element of my work is not only emotional and psychological, but also conceptual.  I am not so much concerned with “painterliness” as with the force by which paintings are born.  As I paint I try to allow the rhythm to take over, letting the strokes of my hand reverberate through the visual field.”

Each piece is rendered on heavy black paper that Doktori has carefully removed from a spiral-bound artist’s pad, leaving the circular binding holes in tact as an integral artistic element of the work.  The orderly precision of the binding holes adds a “staccato” element of control and precision that plays beautifully against the free-flowing vigor and vibrancy of his images.  The images themselves are formed by layers of predominantly white pigment that are interlaced with soft color applied in angularized and arabesque gestures creating the rhythmic patterns of the composition.

The pieces are variations on a thematic idea, which, simple at first glance, reveal a subtlety after deeper inspection.  When viewed individually, the symbolism of each image in the exhibit has its own power and beauty, but when viewed as an ensemble there is a suggestion of a written language – forms that speak to both nature and communication.

As the show title “Notations” suggests, Doktori intends that each work be just the beginning of an artistic concept to be completed in the mind of the observer.  “An artistic creation reaches everyone differently,” he says. “I would like the viewers to use their own ideas and feelings to complete and interpret each of my works in accordance with his or her own vision.” In keeping with this view, Doktori leaves most of his pieces untitled.

Gallery Hours Friday – Sunday
12:00 to 5:00 PM and by appointment

More information about the artist and his work is available at: www.gallery25N.com
For information contact:
Edward Burke (Director)