Group Show "Mind, Spirit & Emotion"


Tomek Biniek - Poland

Mr. Biniek: was born on 13th march, 1977 in Szczecin Polish His creative work is illustrator, graphic designer and artist, creating mainly digital paintings. He also authored of graphic novels and is a game developer. Currently he is focused on creating paintings and presenting his unique visions. His works are available as limited, certified and signed Giclée prints.



Afsaneh Dehbozorgi - USA

As a Persian woman coming from Iran and living in the United States for many years, I have witnessed in both places the obstacles that women face both socially and intellectually due to cultural belief systems, social customs and prejudices.

Through my paintings, I hope to motivate free women of the world to seek action to help those with seemingly no alternatives to their lives.

Through my painting process over the years, I have come to appreciate combining painting, drawing and Farsi writing to express my purpose.



Jane Schultz - USA

Ms. Schurtz is a predominantly self-taught mobile artist from Eastern Pennsylvania. Her work embodies a visual illustration of art created from mobile devices. Jane's images have been featured in numerous publications for mobile artistry, and she has been named in 2014 as a Most Wanted Visionary by New Era Museum.



Daniel Stanford - Canada

“Art is beauty, beauty should be in the ART ”

In the ongoing series entitled “Fascinasia”, Daniel Stanford “continues to explore and experiment with what can be described as a perfect storm of content and intent, reflecting back images of both the beauty and decadence of modern society. The warm and vibrant colours evoke memories of our collective psyche. The seemingly dualistic paths of the spiritual and the sensual, placed in juxtaposition, harmoniously merge together in an ancient and almost forgotten elegance”.



Christopher Voss - USA

Christopher Voss’s body of art works studies the causes and effects of narratives, as objects act as surrogates for an idea or story being told. The fragmented parts, with anatomical, metaphysical, and psychological imagery, become interactive and communal thus creating a sense of cohesive and conflicting narratives, and recollections. The fragments can be viewed as parts that have escaped a tumultuous environment in order to risk another refuge, a diagrammatical conversation between the separate parts, or a dialectical or a causal construction. In these works the painted tape adds a sense of illusionistic permanence as well as a fragile impermanence in the work.

Mr. Voss is an art instructor and artist who works out of his private art studio, Voss Art Studio located in Texas. Voss earned Terminal MFA from Texas Tech University with a emphasis in Painting and Drawing.