Single Artist "Solo Exhibition 2019"

Artists Statements

Takeo Hirose (Japan)

Artist Statement:

I was born in Kyoto, 1962.  I started studying photography in earnest in 2011 when Japan suffered from the huge earthquake disaster.  Through the earthquake I understood that the beautiful sceneries are not eternal but actually very fragile, and noticed the importance of taking photos of the Japanese beauty.

My production concept is to express the world of traditional Japanese paintings and ink paintings with modern Japanese sensibility and the photo technology.  For the past few years I’ve produced the works with a motif of bamboo, which can be associated with Japan.

The chinese character used in my first name “Takeo” means “bamboo man”, and that is one of the reason why I chose the motif.  The soaring stalks and regular joints are really beautiful. Moreover, bamboo is considered to be an auspicious plant because it grows very fast and straight upwards. So it has been the traditional subject of paintings in Japan.  I think the distinctive characteristics of bamboo are even more attractive in monochrome images using the modern techniques of photography.

I've been trying to get close image to Suiboku-ga (Japanese ink painting).  One day I tried to change the monochrome photo of the lit up bamboo forest into black/white inverted image, then the black background turned to white space and suddenly appeared a fantastic scene like Suiboku-ga.  Some of the works (Vice versa) are made with this method. Reversing black/white results in rebirth of the works. There seems to be an element of yin-yang.

Takeo Hirose Artist

email: takeohirose1207@gmail.com
Artist Website: www.takeohirose-photography.com