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"Drawing 2018" Gallery 25N Exhibit Online

Online Exhibit – Opens 09/14/2018

“Drawing 2018"

An Online Group Exhibit will open at “Gallery 25N” on September 14, 2018 with works from twenty contemporary international artists.

GALLERY 25N IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE EXHIBIT "Drawing 2018”. Twenty International artists have joined us in this unique exhibit, which focuses on their inspiring creative expressions of life within their art.  Featured in this collection are the unique drawings by Matthew Bailey.  Matthew Bailey is the most recent recipient of the gallery's fine art grant. It is a privilege for us to have the opportunity of presenting Matthew’s works within this exhibit as an additional means of celebrating his accomplishments and acknowledging his contributions to the arts.

Press Release by Suzanne Ingrao

G25N’S Online Exhibition

Gallery 25N -- “Drawing 2018” – Creative diversities permeate this new exhibit at Gallery 25N.  From soft highlights to classic invigorating explosions, this exciting group of artists recalls for all of us the valuable visions which are presented by way of their natural talents.  Enjoy trips to a tranquil environment only to be juxtaposed into what appears to be a gentle nudge, a movement of the senses to portraits of ambiguity and spiritual searching into channels of surreal adventures.
This is not a disparate exhibit; it is a coming together of complex ingenuity which rises to challenges the art world requires in order to reach an exacting audience.  These artists have met this respectful challenge.

The artists featured in this exhibit are:

  • Matthew Bailey - United States
  • Kyveli Anastasiadi - United Kingdom
  • TinaH Blackburn - USA
  • Lisa Botto-Lee - USA
  • Jennifer Cronin - United States
  • Lou Eberhard - United States
  • Tracy Frein - United States
  • Shira Friedman - USA
  • Claire Gleason - United States
  • RJT Haynes - United Kingdom
  • Katya Kan - Uk
  • Marina Krylova - Belgium
  • Luke McFadden - United States
  • Edwin Montalvo - United States
  • Donna Newsom - Tulsa
  • Nives Palmic - Slovenia
  • Dan Pyle - United States
  • Nicholas Sanchez - United States
  • Sam Schneider - United States
  • Glen Schofield - United States

In accordance with this shows curators theme "Drawing 2018" the selected artist's work was based on the uniqueness of the vision conveyed, the quality of execution and how clearly the artist's individual technique/style is presented in each work.

Gallery 25N is pleased to have partnered with Art-competition.net to curate this exhibit of international, contemporary artworks. Our mission is to help promote emerging and established artists/photographers and their accomplishments to a worldwide audience. Gallery 25N's clientele and audience has been developed over the past fourteen years and are comprised of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial developers, interior designers, curators and other galleries.

For further information about the exhibit, selection process or artist: (321) 220-1103, Info@gallery25N.com.