Group Show "Abstract 2019"

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"Abstract 2019" Gallery 25N Exhibit Online

Online Exhibit – Opens 03/14/2019

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Worldwide Exhibit – “ABSTRACT 2019”, MARCH 14, 2019:

Gallery25N – is proud to present a group exhibition of recent work by twenty international artists’ where their message is pushed to visual limits of abstraction so that there is little or no representation of the real world (as in nonrepresentational). The artwork communicates the power of abstraction, either slightly, partially, or completely. Artists around the world responded with creative and unique works portraying the theme. Featured in this exhibit are the unique paintings of Katarina Caserman from Slovenia. Katarina Caserman is the most recent recipient of the Gallery 25N’s fine art grant. The grant is awarded to those artists who are making an outstanding contribution to the visual arts.

The artists featured in this exhibit are:

  • Katarina Caserman - Slovenia
  • Antanas Adomaitis - Lithuania
  • Philippe Boirin - Etats-Unis
  • Joe Calleri - Australia
  • Cynthia Coldren - USA
  • Rikardo Druskic - Bosna I Hercegovina
  • Kenji Endo - Japan
  • Cheri Freund - US
  • Eva Jones - US
  • Karen L. Kirshner - United States
  • Cecilia Martinez - U.S.
  • Thomas McKee - USA
  • Sushila Oliphant - US
  • Jeff Pullen - United States
  • Durans Raphael - Maroc
  • Gheorghita Rusu - USA
  • Janet Sacks - USA
  • Josef Twirbutt - USA
  • Connie Villa - USA
  • Joe Ward - United States of America

In accordance with this shows curators theme "Abstract 2019" the selected artist's work was based on the uniqueness of the vision conveyed, the quality of execution and how clearly the artist's individual technique/style is presented in each work.

Gallery 25N is pleased to have partnered with Art-competition.net to curate this exhibit of international, contemporary artworks. Our mission is to help promote emerging and established artists/photographers and their accomplishments to a worldwide audience. Gallery 25N's clientele and audience has been developed over the past fourteen years and are comprised of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial developers, interior designers, curators and other galleries.

For further information about the exhibit, selection process or artist: (321) 220-1103, Info@gallery25N.com.