The Christopher E. Burke Fine Art Grant

In honor of Christopher E. Burke (1973 - 2016), Visual Artist, Sculptor, Curator, and Gallerist, a grant was established in 2016 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to both emerging and established working visual artists. This grant is awarded as part of our exhibitions at Gallery 25N and is provided to visual artists worldwide.

All funding decisions for each exhibition are made by the curator(s) and Lorraine Karney, the director at Gallery 25N. The gallery's budget determines the number of annual $300 awards to be presented.

Reporting Requirements: There are no reporting requirements, as this is a private grant and not subject to public review.

Chris Burke Artist Scluptor
"Chair & Table" by Chris Burke

Chris Burke Scultor and Visual Artist
Untitiled by Chris Burke

Three Cylnders
Three Cylinders by Chris Burke