Group Show "Flowers, Plants & Gardens"

Artist Statements

Alexandra Averbach - (United States)

Artist Statement: I am primarily inspired by the beauty of nature. My tightly rendered flowers show a great attention to detail, an eye for depicting delicate petal textures, and a love for bright color combinations. Light is a central theme in my paintings. I believe that the right lighting brings out the brilliance in every object, whether a beautiful flower or a piece of fruit. My goal is to highlight that brilliance.

Alexandra Averbach Artist Painter - (United States)

email: alexandra@alexandrapaintings.com
Web: www.alexandrapaintings.com


Cecilia Campos - (United States)

Artist Statement:

Cecilia Campos - (United States) Painter

email: artematiz@hotmail.com
Web: www.flickr.com/photos/ceciliasart


Danielle Caron - (Canada)

Artist Statement:. I currently work and live in the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada. Over the years, my work has evolved from abstract to representational, with a recent and short abstract interlude that has acted as a refresher course and lead to a new and freer approach into familiar territory, but the underlying motivation or intent has never changed: use painting as a means to be in the moment and enjoy the silence that sets in while creating. I see painting as an exercise to go beyond all layers of fear and hope that prevent pure and free creation. Work included in various private collections in Canada, United-States and Europe.

Danielle Caron - (Canada) Fine Artists

email: danielle.caron@gmail.com
Web: www.saatchiart.com/daniellecaron


Lynn Chen - (Taiwan)

Artist Statement:

1. Entering an Orchard in Spring:
It is a living ambience of beauty and poetry, which casts the drops of starlight onto grasses and tress; within an abundance of love, she enters an orchard in spring.

2. Spring Blossoms:
She, with love in mind to follow the air of early spring, is expecting a love coming; with a heart at peaceful waiting, she will get spring in full blossom when it emerging.

3. Love Story of Butterflies with Flowers:
The flowers spread their fragrance far and wide in the spring, which inducing the butterflies of gathering honey. The romance, however, only left the caterpillars to eat the flowers behind. It is such the relationship between woman and cat alike that they love each other and hurt as well. The appearance of life is very the matter that always have body both sides.

Trayc Claybrook - (United States) Artist

email: q22052q@yahoo.com.tw
Web: www.celesteprize.com/member/idu:96810


Sheila Grabarsky - (United States)

Artis Statement: As a small child - third grade, to be exact - I painted a watercolor sun into a sky and CREATED A COLOR! I was amazed at how simply I could generate a new color that wasn?t there before. I remain awe-struck, still, at this always-new discovery of color creation and juxtaposition. Because I am a colorist I have a great need to present to the world what color can do.

My work is also about introspection - spiritual, psychological, soul-searching. If only to look inside, look at my work. It would be good for the viewer to be still and accept her/his personal freedom of interpretation.

My process is one of reduction; painting till the canvas is over-full of movement and connections (as I see the worlds confusion) then obliterating that world-chaos - removing extraneous marks - until the work and the discovery become a complete and orderly composition. As I would love the world to be; composed, organized. I am excited by the evolution of shapes and the discovery of how movement impacts each of these shapes to become cohesive.

Channeling the process rather than focusing on product wrenches the visceral truth(s). Finishing touches and fine tuning soften the blow. For me, there is much listening to authentic intuitiveness with abstraction (and, it always requires music). Lately I have been exploring a new technique of drawing with dried acrylic skins (residues) that are adhered to the canvas just because they are so beautiful I cannot bear to destroy them.

As in all art, my work reflects my personal domain, reflection and history. Lightness and joy are new to my paintings - previous works were usually forebodingly dark portraits based on German Expressionism. What remains pure and consistent coloration and intensity.

I see abstraction everywhere - in nature, in architecture, in my mind?s eye. Look at a window - study each individual pane and you just might see an infinite number of exciting compositions of line, color, dimension, perspective and form, as I do.

Sheila Grabarsky - (United States) Fine Art Painter

email: sgrabarsky@comcast.net
Web: www.grabarskystudio.com


Camille Engel - (United States)

Artist Statement: Camille Engel oil paintings reveal a life captivated by detail. Her intricate works focus attention on the rich visual intricacies and colors found in her subjects.

As Engel seeks to capture the richness of life, each painting she creates invites viewers to momentarily step into her world and share in her joy of the simple things, and experience the transcendent beauty around us.

What inspires her most is her core beliefs. "For me," Engel explains, every morning is a fresh opportunity to find extraordinary joy in the most ordinary things. My art overflows out of that joy.

Camille Engel - (United States)  Artist Painter

email: camille@camille-engel.com
Web: camille-engel.com


Dianne English - (Australia)

Artist Statement: I am an amateur photographer with a passion for floral photography. I use a Nikon D750 with a 90mm Tamron Macro lens for the majority of my photography with flowers.

Dianne English - (Australia)  Photographer

email: dizel@bbsol.com


Paul Gala - (United States)

Artist Statement: I have long been inspired by the magical and luminous artwork of the Old Masters, the Hudson River School artists, and others. My artistic journey was fueled by studying French Art and History in Paris, France in the early 1990s. Years after finishing school and working in different business environments, I surrendered to my creative side. I quickly discovered that I was happiest and most fulfilled when I was painting. By attending many different plein air workshops over the years, I have been transported back in time. I've walked the same terrain of some of the great artists, and painted at some of the same locations they did. The history and experiences of the artists, the virtually untouched scenic landscapes, and the pure immensity of nature in these places overwhelms, humbles, excites and inspires me emotionally and spiritually.

My paintings are a reflection of how I see the world and I often get lost in the creation. It starts from places I have been in nature. These places give my work an initial direction, but the paintings take a life of their own. Through the use of different techniques, including abandoning the brush and using my hands and rags, I directly connect with the painting. There is a kind of magic that happens when you are completely in the moment of painting. A viewer's enjoyment of my art is an individual experience. I provide the jumping off point and then they take an interactive journey and are transported to their own special place. It's a nice place to be!

Paul Gala - (United States) Artist Abstract Painter

email: pjvg@nc.rr.com
Web: paulgalafineart.com


Dolores Kiriacon - (United States)

Artist Statement: As a fine artist with a background in painting, printmaking, and sculpture, I now use photography as a source of ideas and a tool to create. My photographs are portraits/still lifes of nature?s forms, from flowers, dried leaves, twigs, the bark of trees, mushrooms and other natural elements in their various stages of growth and natural decline. I have been collecting and photographing these natural forms for quite some time and I am always looking for that special form of nature that inspires me. The camera brings out qualities that one cannot see with the naked eye. These photographs are taken indoors, using natural light and a reflective surface. When composing and taking these photographs the challenge is to create exciting and interesting compositions to entice the viewer to see these images in a new and different way. They created a new life of their own through the lens of my camera.

I am not interested in taking an exact representation but more of an artistic impression and interpretation that I want to convey when one looks at the final image, allowing the viewer to appreciate them in their new beauty and transformation.

Dolores Kiriacon - (United States) Fine Artist

email: doloreskiriacon@icloud.com
Web: www.doloreskiriacon.com


Barbara Kobylinska - (United States)

Artis Statement: I have worked in ceramics for over 20 years, in various studios, industrial spaces, and now in my own studio, creating organic forms, flower, bugs and bird sculptures. My artistic training began in Warsaw, Poland in the 1970s where I received a Master's degree in Graphic Design and later a Maste's in Costume and Stage Design at Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts. Since then I have been involved in many projects in various artistic fields. I was an art teacher; a children's book illustrator; a poster, puppet, and stage designer; and finally a sculptor.

I have resided in the USA since 1981, and work in my studio in Virginia Beach, VA, creating large (4-6 foot), colorful clay birds, bugs and flowers that mirror the natural world with an abstract, fanciful twist. I form the sculptures primarily out of terra cotta clay and then glaze and add several layers of paint to achieve a bold, vibrant effect.

My large indoor/outdoor sculptures has been exhibited in many prestigious national art shows including SOFA WEST in Santa Fe, Chicago SOFA, US Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, Loveland Sculpture Show in Colorado, ArtPrize in Michigan, as well as, permanently aboard the "Oasis of the Sea" cruise ship, the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Courthouse Galleries Portsmouth, Va. and various private collections throughout the country.

Barbara Kobylinska - (United States) Sculptor

email: kobart@verizon.net
Web: www.kobylinska.com


Anna Lisa Leal - (United States)

Artist Statement: I've always loved the act of creation especially in combination with the outdoors. My subject matter is what moves me and it's usually based around the patterns of nature. My goal as a painter is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor living spaces. As a native Texan, I am drawn to the beauty of the American Southwest for her color and the tenacity of the plants and animals. The odd beauty of a cactus prickly, spiny, difficult to touch yet splendid in their own right. The line and undulation of the agave leaf. The poignant beauty of the agave flower- the last hurrah before her eventual demise. I know that the subject I am painting is in alignment with the universe when I'm painting and go into a Zen state. Those are the best paintings - the reflection of nature's peaceful spirit in all of us.

Anna Lisa Leal Fine Artist Painter  USA

email: artist@annalisaleal.com
Web: annalisaleal.com


Jette Vander Lende - (Norge)

Artist Statement: My paintings tell stories by focusing on what is important in life - social, political and personal issues that affect us all.I portray objects that symbolize these issues, combined in purposeful ways, often against black backgrounds in order to focus complete attention on them, as if illuminated by spotlight. Even though certain subject matters and the circumstances or situations they represent may be difficult for some to contemplate, I seek the beauty within them regardless.

By painting portraits of common things, I remove all connotations that may relate to specific people, places or times. It is the universality of these symbols and what they represent that is significant-- to all of us, no matter who we are. At the same time, I paint in such a way that these compositions can be taken entirely at face value and appreciated on purely aesthetic terms, as classic representational still-lifes, without the necessity of referencing anything beyond that. But the invitation is always extended to explore as deeply and thoughtfully as one might wish.

Jette Vander Lende - (Norge) Fine Artist Painter

email: art@jette.gallery
Web: www.jette.gallery


Lisa McMahon - (United States)

Artist Statement: Artist Statement: "Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners." —- William Shakespeare

"Gardens" is a Fine Art series that examines the intimate personal stories of women. This project is about the female experience, our struggles, societal expectations and our own ideals of womanhood. This series takes those ideas and beliefs and creates a garden that symbolizes each subjects own personal story. The subjects are manipulated portraits of women turned into gardens utilizing artificial plants, flowers and makeup.

The concept reflects on what this means to identity, our relationship to our own womanhood and the parallels that can be drawn between women and nature. These gardens are crafted using "florigraphy" and the Victorian era "Language of Flowers" so that each piece of the created garden has a specific meaning to each subject's story. This creates dual layers of meaning through the symbolic use of the flora and fauna weaving the unique stories of each woman.

Lisa McMahon - (United States) Fine Art Photographer

email: LisMcMahonPhotography@yahoo.com
Web: www.LisMcMahonPhotography.com



Diane Morgan - (United States)

Artist Statement: Like a kid in a candy store I want to paint everything I see. But, what excites me most is painting large florals. They flow off my brushes effortlessly bringing me great joy. Every day I wake up looking forward to discovering what will magically materialize on my canvas. Loving what you do truly makes life grand.

Diane Morga - (United States) Fine Artist Painter

email: dianem1111@aol.com
Web: www.dianemorganpaints.com


Keith Parks - (United States)

Artist Statement: I have been taking and making pictures since the days when it made your fingers smell (aaahhh... the smell of fixer). At first I lamented the departure of film, but the digital medium certainly has its advantages. While I do some computer processing of most of my images, I try and limit it to things that I could have done in the darkroom. It is important to me that the pictures are not overly synthetic.

Ultimately I am most inspired by the phenomenon of nature that we call "light", by its human offspring vision and perception, and by the amazing things that happen when the three come together. I also love a nice picture of a cute kitten now and then.

Keith Parks - (United States) Fine Art Photography

email: keith@keithparks.com
Web: keithparks.daportfolio.com


Tom Ridinger - (United States)

Artist Statement: I've been aware of September Song ever since . . . well, ever since I've been aware of anything. It was likely Sinatra's 1946 recording that I first heard, probably the first piece of music I ever took note of excluding Mister Moon, first warbled to me by my mother before I could walk away or talk back. Soon after I remember Jo Stafford's version of 1950. But when I heard Sarah Vaughan sing it, then Billy Eckstine's rendition, its arrow pierced my heart, the song no longer just background music, but something significant to my life.

I had no idea where it had come from. Nor had I cared. But if I had been curious I'd have discover its music had been written by Kurt Weill, its lyrics by Maxwell Anderson for the 1938 Broadway play, Knickerbocker Holiday, and performed by Walter Huston as the dictatorial governor of New Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant, an older man frustrated by his affair with a lady much younger. Which is a scenario that puzzles me today as it would have then.

Even though my fascination with the charms of the opposite sex was already in full bloom at ten, I never felt as if the song was about love and romance and the time, or lack thereof, that it takes one to fall under its spell. I took it more broadly. Instead of a young woman, I imagined the object of desire to be the state of happiness achieved by living one's life in the pursuit of a dream. In my case being an artist. However, that life turned out to be far too unruly for any art I knew, always coming at me like a maniac swinging a baseball bat. So as a result I spent the spring and summer of my life ducking for cover. But then in September, as days grew short the bat finally landed smack in my face. And when I woke I had only the dream.

September, November . . . these precious days, I'll spend with you and with these faded flowers, perhaps I'll make the dream come true.

Erica Rossetto Mixed Media Artist

email: t.ridinger@yahoo.com
Web: Tom-Ridinger.format.com


Adriana Rinaldi - (Canada)

Artist Statement: My painting requires little or no thought. I mean that literally. I paint based mostly on intuition and feeling. I take time to look at the world around me, constantly looking for the light and life, the calm and profound. It is only when I am forced to speak about my work that I actually think about what it is I am doing and why.

At first glance, my body of work seems pretty scattered: tangled flowers, piles of seashells, water reflected boats and seascapes, which at times create abstracts of light, color fields and vibrations. I occasionally venture into new territory only to return to familiar themes. There is however a common thread of consistency underlying my many diverse works; they all orientate around light and beauty which in turn evokes a peaceful and soothing vibe. They are like visual shortcuts to a contemplative state.

The energy created through the thought process causes ideas to spark from seemingly nowhere. Thoughts wanting expression emerge through pigments on canvas and once manifest, can affect people for centuries. Neuroscience shows that when one witnesses beauty, blood flow actually increases in a specific pleasure center of the brain which is the same area that is responsive to feelings of love. Like love, beauty can be very powerful and therefore subversive and transformative in a healing and nurturing way.

We habitually take care of our physical selves on a daily basis but often ignore our psychological, spiritual and emotional health. My work takes ephemeral beauty and makes it more accessible for longer. While darkness, fear and pessimism are an integral part of our world, creative arts can lift us to our higher selves and remind us that life is worth living.

I began painting in watercolours and had my first professional group exhibition more than 10 years ago. I also was in turmoil for ten years as I never felt settled with a technique I felt comfortable with and longed for a richness in colour that was in my thoughts, but could not convey. I took a course in the Old Masters Technique and it was like I struck gold. I remember the first painting of seashells and how quickly it was painted and how satisfied I felt. Honey, Im home! It changed my painting world and I havent looked back. It was what I was longing for. Ive since participated in Group shows, Solo Gallery shows, Art Trails, and Art in the Parks and have sold paintings internationally. I am featured in a poetry book by R.M Butts. I have also had works published in Arabella Magazine and am featured in a floral book called Arabella, The Love of Flowers.

Adriana Rinaldi - (Canada) Fine Artists Paintings

email: arty.adri@live.com
Web: www.adrianarinaldi.com


Pegah Samaie - (United States)

Artist Statement:

Lynn Skordal Artist

email: pegah@samaie.com
Web: pegahsamaie.com


Alessandra Sequeira - (Costa Rica)

Artist Statement: The language between the roots of plants , echoe that within our blood, nervous, and mental systems. All a beautiful reminder of human relations filled with intent and conciousness. We are One with nature, and with each other if we conciously work together like nature does!

I paint roots of empathy through the poetic language created with ink, on paper, silk or canvas!

Alessandra Sequeira - (Costa Rica) Fine Artist

email: Alessandraseq@gmail.com
Web: issuu.com/arteresponsable/docs

Nancy Wolitzer - (United States)

Artist Statement: I create intricate drawings and paintings that are comprised of many small and personal markings. While the intimate details and density of the markings can draw the eye to a particular corner or segment of the piece.

Most recently I have been working with scratchboard to create images of flowers. The scratchboard medium seems perfect for the small markings that I love and perfect to portray the flowers that I also love. I have always been a lover of both making art and flowers.

James Sparks Painter

email: nwolitzer@gmail.com
Web: www.nancywolitzer.com