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"Flowers, Plants & Gardens" Gallery 25N Group Exhibit

New York Online Exhibit – Opens on June 1, 2017 at "Gallery 25N" with work from twenty contemporary international artists.

Gallery 25N presents a fresh, new, and alluring worldwide exhibition "Flowers, Plants & Gardens," which honors the vibrant complexities and symmetries of our planet's vegetation as envisioned by 20 exceptional artists.

Flowers and plants have inspired visual artists and photographers throughout history to create emotional and memorable works of art. Regardless of art form, when an artist becomes "blocked," nature offers him or her a reconsidered or new spiritual foundation and inspiration. Flowers, plants, and gardens symbolize continual rebirth, fresh beginnings, fragile persistence, and delicate symmetry. Whether it is a single flower, a garden in full bloom, or a "shy" plant on a window sill, there is no mistaking the awesome complexity of the planet's precious vegetation.

This exhibition will inspire the creative mind to honor and enjoy the splendor that these artists' offer as a supremely inspirational visual story.

The artists featured in this exhibit are:

  • Alexandra Averbach - USA
  • Anna Lisa Leal - USA
  • Cecilia Campos - USA
  • Jette Vander Lende - Norge
  • Danielle Caron - Canada
  • Lisa McMahon - USA
  • Lynn Chen - Taiwan
  • Diane Morgan - USA
  • Sheila Grabarsky - USA
  • Keith Parks - USA
  • Camille Engel - USA
  • Tom Ridinger - USA
  • Dianne English - Australia
  • Adriana Rinaldi - Canada
  • Paul Gala - USA
  • Pegah Samaie - USA
  • Dolores Kiriacon - USA
  • Alessandra Sequeira - Costa Rica
  • Barbara Kobylinska - USA
  • Nancy Wolitzer - USA

In accordance with this shows curators theme "Flowers, Plants & Gardens" the selected artist's work was based on the uniqueness of the vision conveyed, the quality of execution and how clearly the artist's individual technique/style is presented in each work.

Gallery 25N is pleased to have partnered with Art-competition.net to curate this exhibit of international, contemporary artworks. Our mission is to help promote emerging and established artists/photographers and their accomplishments to a worldwide audience. Gallery 25N's clientele and audience has been developed over the past fourteen years and are comprised of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial developers, interior designers, curators and other galleries.

For further information about the exhibit, selection process or artist: (321) 220-1103, Info@gallery25N.com.