Group Show "Faces Of Humanity"

Artist Statements

Chi-Han Cheng - (United States)

Artists Statement: Under The Skin Remnants

We all have remnants in our life; they can be things that are left behind by a special person. His or her influence makes us better and motivates us to pursue our dreams. What motivated me to create this series of paintings was the distinctiveness of the tattooing process and its ability to narrate the remnants my grandfather left me with fragments.

My grandfather was an extraordinary man with a rich history. He lived through the Chinese Civil War and sailed with the military to Taiwan. When China and Taiwan were in a state of hostility politically, it prevented him from returning to his hometown, Anhui, in China. Therefore, he spent the latter half of his life in Taiwan and didn?t have the chance to revisit China for 40 years. He taught me the significance of being generous and compassionate to others without expecting anything in return. Last year, his sudden death left me in a great state of grief; this gave me the motivation to narrate his life through the portraits incorporating Chinese elements to display our ancestry.

I have lived in a few different countries since childhood, which allowed me to come in contact with several cultures and many of their characteristics. The one that affected me the most since adolescence was the tattooing culture. I believe that the process of ink being tattooed into the skin narrates and represents a person just as our heritage shapes our individualities. Each painting mimics the process of tattooing to embrace my relationship with my grandfather, and to express him in different characteristics, expressions and poses. They coincide with the different chapters of his life. At the same time, the portraits also represent myself, and the connection I have with my grandfather. This series of portraits highlights the story of my grandfather?s heritage, and I combined it with tattoo images that I created. All of the tattoo images correspond to my grandfather in a way, whether it?s the strong morals and justice of a dragon or his Chinese zodiac sign, the tiger.

I chose oil paint for the portraits to create layers of delicate textures and complexions of the skin. As for the background tattoo designs, I applied similar techniques of tattooing from personalized designing, tracing, stenciling, outlining, shading and coloring. Instinctively, I treated the portraits and panel surface just like human skin. This series of paintings conveys that what is under our skin truly represents who we are and what we are made of.

email: jasonkid80@gmail.com
Web: jasonchihancheng.com


Phil Couture - (Japan)

Artists Statement:

email: mail@philcouture.com
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Nic Dartnell - (United Kingdom)

Artists Statement:.

email: nicdartnell@blueyonder.co.uk
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Megan Foldenauer - (United States)

Artists Statement: This series of large portraiture is dedicated to the athletes, volunteers, and officials of Michigan roller derby. These are carbon dust drawings rendered on paper that has been toned with the dirt of more than three dozen roller derby wheels. Derby takes all kinds; this ongoing series seeks to convey that spirit. Further, this work celebrates the diversity of people their - composition, texture, and often over-looked qualities. Through precise detail, these works ask you to explore the seemingly everyday so you might appreciate that nothing is commonplace at all.

email: redmeg8@gmail.com
Web: www.meganlovestodraw.com


Colectivo Gama - (Republica Dominicana)

Artists Statement: Artista visual, uso la fotografia, la instalacion y el performance como formas de expresion. He venido siguiendo con una preparacion mas formal con diversos cursos y los Diplomados en fotografia impartidos en la Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra de Santo Domingo, por EL CENTRO DE LA IMAGEN, y en NODE CENTER, con valiosos profesores como Juan Curto, Ricardo Viera, Sara Hermann, Carlos Acero, Quisqueya Henriquez y Jason Mena, Soy alumna ademas de los curadores Juan Antonio Molina y Jose Antonio Navarrete y los artistas Joan Fontcuberta, Marcos Lopez y Bruno Bressari . Con Tulio Marti conformo el COLECTIVO GAMA.

email: mj@garciamariajose.com
Web: www.garciamariajose.com


Joshua Granberg - (United States)

Artists Statement: Art is a bridge connecting the temporal with the eternal, the tangible with the imaginary, the seen with the unseen. It spans the distance between two souls?the artist?s and the viewer?s?and hopes to bring their worlds a little closer together.

Just as many bridges depend on the invisible yet very real force of tension for both function and grace, I as an artist use tension to convey the seemingly contradictory concepts of now and not yet, light and darkness, uncertainty and confidence. In each of my pieces, there is a question. Some beg to be answered and others invite you to immerse yourself in the understanding that sometimes our greatest enlightenment is illuminated against a canvas of the darkest moments in life. I beg you not to avoid the struggle, but to allow it to strengthen you.

Art is the physical representation of an artist?s theological worldview. It provides a place to meet and discuss Truth. I aim to reveal the Truth, as I understand it, to the best of my ability. My work is but a shadow of the reality I see. It is a glimpse into my spirit and into the Spirit of the One who made us. I invite you to open your mind and join me in the middle of the bridge to discuss what we have seen together.

email: joshua@joshuagranberg.com
Web: joshuagranberg.com


Yashwant Kumar - (India)

Artists Statement: Ill-Fated --- Before, we landed to any conclusion towards humanity is either this or that, want to explain my painting trying to portray a short of love story. Where a Girl and a boy both were belong to same college. They had a deep care and respect, committed for each other. Most of the time she cooked food for him and he was always able to made her laugh. After many years, their parents got to know and they tried hard to make them understand that you guys didn't made for each other CAST issue. But they didn't understand.

Like every parent, they loved their own child and child also loved their parents. Now, parents started to separate them emotionally, forcefully and also in the name of what society will tell. They tried stopping each and every steps of her and boy was not allowed to tell a single word though. After many years of pull and push, they finally decided to sacrifice their whatever for their parents.

Now, boy had nothing left except dark( black in his colour palette with a broken paint brush ) in his life and he poured himself completely into alcohol. They are facing out side the canvas watching audience or society or us asking why to us? Are they ill-fated, no not at all. Actually we all are ill-fated, we are dividing ourself based on cast or community, colors or cloths.I have really no idea ,how many categories we have been already created to discriminate us only. This is awful horrifying reality needs to understand. Human needs pamper, sympathy ,love, care and kindness. Humanity definitely depends on us and we should nurture it with a deep respect.

I don't know how much this painting justify the story or not. May be this is a dark sside of humanity needs to take a rebirth.

New Hope---Whenever I see pregnant women, it feels like new hope for a better level of human race going to take a birth. At least, we can hope.

email: yashwant.fd.nift@gmail.com


Amir Lavon - (Israel)

Artists Statement: Who he was or what he did
what difference does it make?
When life closes the lid
all we have is the acknowledgement:
That was a human A human

email: amirlavon@hushmail.com
Web: http://lavont1.wixsite.com/streettime


Ana Palacios - (Espana)

Artist Statement: Ana Palacios is a Spanish journalist and photographer interested in human rights issues around the world. She divides her time between international film production and documentary photography, shining a light on broken corners of the world in collaboration with different NGOs.

Her work on cooperation in development has been published in The Guardian, Days Japan, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, XL Semanal, El Pais, Tiempo, etc. She has published two photo books internationally distributed: ?Albino? about the pledge of the albinos in Tanzania and ?Art in Movement? about the art as a social change in Kampala.

email: me@ana-palacios.com
Web: www.ana-palacios.com


Dan Pyle - (United States)

Artists Statement:

email: danpyleartist@gmail.com
Web: http://danpyleartist.com


Wayne Quilliam - (Australia)

Artists Statement: Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of Australia's pre-eminent Indigenous photographic artists, curators and cultural advisers working on the international scene. His award winning career includes the coveted NAIDOC Indigenous Artist of the Year, Human Rights Media Award and the prestigious Walkley Award for photojournalism including being nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic. Invitation to PrixPictet in Paris and highly commended in the Bowness Art Award.

He has created and curated over 150 exhibitions throughout the world and been published in more than 1000 magazines, books and newspapers. When not at home with his wife and daughter he is found in communities throughout the country sharing his knowledge and teaching youth the expression of culture through multimedia. He is currently writing three children?s books, producing a coffee table book and developing a stage show bringing together Indigenous food, art and music.

His work includes documenting significant Indigenous events over the past 20 years including the Apology, 1967 Referendum anniversary, Garma, Laura, Burunga, Dreaming and Yeperenye festivals and thousands of community events throughout the country. Wayne works with Indigenous groups in Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Guam developing intercultural art and cultural exchanges with the vision of creating global exhibitions.

Wayne's practical working knowledge of Indigenous issues throughout the country is highly valued and sought after by International corporations including Federal, State and Local government. He runs photographic workshops in remote, rural and urban communities and lectures at Universities, Secondary and Primary educational facilities in Australia and overseas.

In harmony with his photojournalistic work he is recognised as one of the country's top artists for his diverse art practices including the "Lowanna" series that infuses textures of earth onto the human form, "Towindri" landscape art and "Smoke" exhibition exploring the cultural significance of smoking ceremonies. It is estimated his photographic exhibition of the "Apology", "Sorry more than a Word" that opened at Parliament House in Canberra has been experienced by more than a quarter of a million people and continues to attract large audiences as it travels the world.

Over the past 18 months he has held solo exhibitions in Havana, Tokyo, Mexico City, Caracas, New York and Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and featured at the United Nations, New York and at the Palais De Nations, Geneva. Representing Australia at G'Day LA where his art was seen by more than 20 million people on USA television followed by opening a solo show in New York a week later.

These shows continue his international success?s from the Museum of Young Art, Vienna, several galleries in Berlin/Cologne/Dusseldorf/Hamburg as well as Russia, Guam, Indonesia and numerous galleries in Australia. His "Towindri" exhibition in Cairo, Egypt attracted critical acclaim and has since been acquired after touring Riyadh and Beirut.

email: wqphotography@hotmail.com
Web: www.aboriginal.photography


Kay Ridge - (United States)

Artists Statement: I create as an expression of my excitement and appreciation for the beauty and preciousness of life. Sharing with you, the viewer, we are connecting in a silent communication.

email: RidgeK@aol.com
Web: www.kay-ridge.artistwebsites.com


Mark Smith - (Ireland)

Artists Statement:

email: mark@myartclass.ie
Web: http://www.facebook.com/myartclass


James Sparks - (United States)

Artists Statement:

email: sparksphoto@verizon.net
Web: jamesbsparks.com


Dale Sumner - (United States)

Artists Statement: My art reflects the compassion of those less fortunate and the hope there will be a better day. For now its simply surviving.

Two of my entries were real men. Earl Terrell is the subject of Loving Earl. Earl fled to the mountains of East Tennessee after serving in the Marines during Viet Nam. He died last year. Popcorn Sutton of my POPCORN piece was one of the most famous moon shiners. Popcorn died a few years ago. The last one is a survival piece in the alleys of New York called Nightcrawler

email: dalemsumner@gmail.com
Web: https://www.facebook.com/dale.sumner.9


Ivan Trotman - (United Kingdom)

Artists Statement: My camera is my constant companion. I love the opportunity to see and document people while traveliing - and these images were captured on a recent visit to India and the Pushkar Camel Festival.

email: ivantrotman@gmail.com


Shikha Tuli - (Singapore)

Artists Statement: I am just a passionate photographer

email: shikha_goallblacks@yahoo.com.sg


Linda Unger - (United States)

Artists Statement: The best way to get a great photo of a person is to make them feel comfortable with you and the camera. My best photos are of strangers.

email: godislove9@reagan.com


Phil Walter - (Germany)

Artists Statement: I have only been painting in oil for 2 years, no academic background, just self-taught. no tracing nor transfers applied when I start to paint. Would love to get my work out there!

email: p11walter@hotmail.com
Web: www.philwalterfineart.com


Gary L. Wolfe - (United States)

Artists Statement: While primarily a painter, I often combine painting with other media. At the heart of this work is the process of synthesis, a ?putting or placing of things together.? The combining of disparate ideas and media that interact together to create new relationships and perspectives intrigue me.
I focus on the figure in order to address fundamental and contemporary human concerns; birth, suffering, innocence, vulnerability, technology dependence, economic disparity, aging and death. My work is highly influenced by my years working in human services. I freely employ and re-contextualize Judeo-Christian imagery, though I do not intend these images to be primarily religious in nature. I desire to create work that is conceptual as well as humanist, critical as well as aesthetic.

email: wolfeg@roadrunner.com
Web: www.glwolfeart.com