Group Show "Faces Of Humanity"

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"Faces Of Humanity" An Online Group Exhibit opens on February 06, 2017 at "Gallery 25N" with work from twenty contemporary international artists.

New York Online Exhibit – "Faces Of Humanity", 02//02/17

Gallery 25N is proud to present the exhibit "Faces of Humanity". This outstanding exhibit includes twenty International artists. The curators have selected artists from around the world whose work shows a unique look at the diversity of humanity; in the form of emotion, beauty, love, hope, and wisdom as seen in the faces from different cultures.

Sensing a universal personage reflected in the facial expressions of people throughout the world offers us all an avenue leading to an understanding of, connection to, and perhaps even a convergence with other cultures. What may at first appear somewhat alien often will evolve into a realization and deep appreciation of the fact that we are all part of the family of man. Seeing our own humanity in the faces of other beings encourages understanding and acceptance of others' values and priorities.

The artists featured in this exhibit are:

  • Chi-Han Cheng - USA
  • Phil Couture - Japan
  • Nic Dartnell - United Kingdom
  • Megan Foldenauer - USA
  • Colectivo Gama - Republica Dominicana
  • Joshua Granberg - USA
  • Yashwant Kumar - India
  • Amir Lavon - Israel
  • Ana Palacios - Espana
  • Dan Pyle - USA
  • Wayne Quilliam - Australia
  • Kay Ridge - USA
  • Mark Smith - Ireland
  • James Sparks - USA
  • Dale Sumner - US
  • Ivan Trotman - United Kingdom
  • Shikha Tuli - Singapore
  • Linda Unger - USA
  • Phil Walter - Germany
  •  Gary L. Wolfe - USA

In accordance with this shows curators theme "Faces Of Humanity" the selected artist's work was based on the uniqueness of the vision conveyed, the quality of execution and how clearly the artist's individual technique/style is presented in each work.

Gallery 25N is so pleased to have partnered with Art-competition.net to curate this exhibit of international, contemporary artworks. Our mission is to help promote emerging and established artists/photographers and their accomplishments to a worldwide audience. Gallery 25N's clientele and audience has been developed over the past fourteen years and are comprised of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial developers, interior designers, curators and other galleries.

For further information about the exhibit, selection process or artist: (321) 220-1103, Info@gallery25N.com.