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Group Show "Dreams"


Carol Collins - USA

I created the "Dreams in the Midst of a Nightmare" photo collage series while under chemotherapy and radiation treatment after a modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer. The cancer treatments are damaging to the body, mind, and soul. I was barely able to hold the paper lantern due to fatigue and peripheral neuropathy when I posed for the images. Nausea, vomiting, night terrors, neutropenic fever, metallic taste, severe acid reflux, pain from the surgery, and severe burns from the radiation made hair loss seem like a trivial event. "Chemo brain" added much distress and contributed in making this project a challenge. The emotional turmoil from loss of a body part and ones youthful vigor is difficult to fathom unless one has experienced it themselves. I chose to create even while I was sick so the year would not solely be about suffering.

Many of the components in the photo collages come from happier days, including ravens and landscape elements from camping in Death Valley, and a photo of ruins of an old chateaux in the Provence taken from the back of a moving motorcycle, and environmental imagery from other happy pre-cancer adventures. Juxtaposing my current fate with better times of the past was a bittersweet effort. I saw this project as a challenge to make create something meaningful from my suffering, while I longed for my old life back. I hope that as viewers contemplate this series, they will be inspired to support scientific research that seeks less damaging and more successful cures for cancer.


Cecilia Flaten - Chile

Cecilia Flaten ÖÖ. Magic Landscapes inspired in the Norwegian Mythology and in Patagonia¥s Lands.

In such works she experiments with techniques and colors that allude directly to her Scandinavian ancestors, allowing her to represent properly the legends, myths and the dreams that nest in her mind and in her blood.

Her work is a great meditation on natural elements .Blending the fluidic atmosphere of the sky with the blended appearance of the horizont: she captures the interaction of light and the absorption inside landscapes. It is a magical and poetic work.


Cedrick Nöt - France

An evocation of the dreamscape, chaos and animal nature, "Lhymb" and "Lhychen" are series dedicated to the depths of feminity. Submerging models (on location) into hidden areas of the "PyrenÈes" (mountains / France). This sÈries stives to transfigure the ancestrals myths of this land.


Donna Rossi - USA

“"We universally seek those times for the quieting of self, the halting of the cycle for one moment to look inside and reflect upon what we want to express creatively to the physical world." - Donna Rossi

I strive to express the spiritual nature of life by giving color and formation to emotional & spiritual connections that I feel from lifes cycles of tranquility and turbulence. An important inspiration for me is the imagery I gather from the dreamstate. The dream world reflects our waking life and is a vital aspect of the human experience. I work extensively in gouache, oil pastel and acrylic on a variety of surfaces and each of my paintings expresses a particular moment from my inner self. Less earthbound and more metaphysical, my work allows viewers to look within and seek their own personal expression. My joy in creating art is to witness the quiet inner connection that a viewer may make while experiencing art of any kind. Something may ring familiar within them that only they can understand. That familiarity or recognition can perhaps bring about a desire to explore ones own inner life.

"I dream my paintings, and then I paint my dreams." - Vincent Van Gogh


Dorothy Zhu - USA

In my most recent work, I attempt to capture a free-fall from reality through the most familiar and visceral of images: the human body. The human subjects exist amidst the indifference and chaos of a world removed from the context of civilization. These images live in the subjunctive mood, and swing back and forth between the need for familiarity and the urge to enter into new worlds.

The medium of choice for much of my work is graphite pencil, because the ingenuous parameters of the medium allows for a type of immediacy and intimacy that cannot be found in many other mediums. The straightforward monotone of the medium, which allows for illusions that are purely value based, is fitting in creating surreal images in a hyper-realistic yet austere manner.


Josepha Gutelius - USA

I think of my work as a three-minute song -- the challenge is to grab your attention, and to hold it. I aim for the provocative and atmospheric. I want to set a mood as well as mirror the world as I experience it -- to encompass politics, fashion, feminism, street art. The work is evolving, but I always begin with the human figure. The drama and confrontational aspect of figurative art are what interests me most.


Nicholas Zalevsky - USA

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and graduated from Publishing Institute in Lviv, Ukraine. After graduation, I worked odd jobs. This was the only way for me to earn a living because in my paintings I was exploring hyper-realism and other genres. These artistic views were greatly different from those that conformed to the state-approved Socialist Realism. In 1991, I moved to the United States. Since coming to the U.S., I have created more paintings. Each of my works tells a story that a viewer is supposed to figure out using his/her imagination. I live in Farmington, Connecticut.
“My art might be described as following; Although I assume that I know nearly everything about human beings and their mutual relations, I am not a psycoanalyst,

I am an artist. So, I am converting my knowledge into visual images which are in fact visual parables.

“I hate existential fears. My works hint on how to resist these fears. Maybe this experience will be useful for some of my spectators. And I believe in general that the mission (if it exists) of art is to prepare us to the rendezvous with eternity. We are immortal, are not we?”


Nick Bugieda - USA

I try to create a subtle, surreal environment when I paint. I love work that can make you feel like youre in the painting. The background starts to blur and your focal point becomes so concentrated. This, to me, is a very dreamlike quality. I hope anyone viewing my work can relate to this feeling.


Satu Laurel - Finland

Painting is a way to process visual and unconscious wisdom that hides behind the concepts. Creative process is to me playing with instinctive ideas: dreaming a wake. Every painting opens up a new window into existence or at least my interpretation of it. Same time the picture is a reminder that the ultimate truth is impossible to grasp. Beauty can be reproduced but one can only give suggestions of sublime.î Still, I believe, occasionally one can get a glimpse of it.


Sawool Kim - USA

Everything that I deal with is the things on every physical, psychological issues that Iíve experienced or focused on in my life. Through my old habit lucid dream, strange shaped illusions suddenly come up in my dream. Sometimes appear in my head everyday life. I have a strong interest in composing those images as if they actually exist and displaying them in my own logical ground. In my work, their shapes are organically combined and each of images has its own function. various images are metamorphosed results in my dream. They appear basically in the shape of various symbolic images intermixed.

My work begins from recording about that kind of things Iíve seen in my dream. Based on those records Ultimately, I tried to condense them into one comprehensive scene.