G25N'S "Blue"


Richard Barnett - USA

Artists Statement: The first artist I remember as a child was a comic book illustrator named Neal Adams. His grasp of the figure and gesture set a standard against which I started judging all drawing. While that influence stayed with me through college it matured through exposure to more classic figure artists like John Singer Sargent and more gestural artists like Egon Schiele. Every artist that I have loved through the years had one thing in common, their love of the human figure. My fascination with people and their interactions with the world started with these artists, but is growing into a vision of my own. I love, not only the figure, but the way people interact with each other and the world around them. I strive to be a witness to the emotions, the tragedies, the struggles and triumphs of mundane and exceptional existence. The way people shout, just by living, that they are here, and by existing they, at least a moment, leave a mark. I, as a painter, try to find these moments and capture my impressions of them.

email: boulderer@aol.com
Web: www.brushstrokelife.com


Stephen Chan - Canada

email: stephenc@sutton.com


Sabin Chintoan - Romania

Artists Statment: The word who would define my art, is diversity. To improve myself and desiring to find the type of painting that suits me the best, I tried diffrent sorts of painting and I have approached many themes.

My painter career started in 1990, I was in highscool and started the apprenticeship under the guidance of some church painters, because I wanted to experience: the discipline imposed by church painting worksites, new tecniques (fresco, tempera and acrylic on wall), wall painting, great scale mural paintings, complex compositions with many characters. In 1998, I graduated the Art University, and since then I am certificated as canvas and mural painter.

From 2010, I felt the need to bring the art in the comunity, in the public attention, by painting compositions full of colour and meaning on the grey walls of the towns. At the present I have mural (street/interior/church painting)an canvas painting projects as well.

email: sabinchintoan@gmail.com


Landon Clay - Spain

Artists Statement: Born in 1989 in New Hampshire, Landon graduated with his Masters in Social Anthropology in 2011 from St Andrews University in Scotland, UK. Soon after graduation Landon found himself occupying all his free time with painting. Realizing that he was truly happiest when creating, he decided to pursue his first formal art classes. He attended the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy for two and a half years, where he learned first to draw, then to paint live models, casts, and still lives. He paints in an "imaginative realist" style, representing life as he sees it - or as it could be. Landon now lives as a painter in Madrid, Spain.

email: landon.clay@gmail.com
Web: www.landonclay.com


Deborah Elmquist - USA

email: dbelmquist-artist@cfl.rr.com
Web: www.deborahelmquist.com


Alli Woods Frederick - USA

Artists Statement: The forgotten ghosts that wander decaying halls of long abandoned buildings; melancholic music that rises, swells and sweeps us away in its undertow; phantoms of loves lost that painfully linger in our hearts...everyone and everything carries darkness within, and within that darkness lies beauty, love, honesty & grace.

These are the tales I tell - the beauty that lies hidden in the darkness. They are drawn from the depths of my heart; from histories that teeter on the verge of oblivion; from collective daydreams and nightmares. Fragments of our shared past are archived; motes of moments that, without preservation, would fade without notice into the thin wisps of dust and fog from which fragile, half-remembered dreams are born.

I often utilize self-portraiture to explore these emotions and experiences in surreal, abstract or magical ways. This is sometimes achieved through the juxtaposition of contradictory and contrasting elements but, more commonly, through the use of muted tones, texture and the interplay of light and shadow.

Though I begin with a clear vision, intuition is given free reign. Sudden impulses are free to transform the image at any point during the creative process. This process allows the visual refinement of the story while maintaining the original intent of the piece.

Through the combination of these elements and themes worlds are birthed where darkness reveals our shared experiences; common threads weave us together, uniting us unexpectedly through the beauty, love, honesty and grace that exists in our shared pain and pasts. In those moments we bring light to darkness, beauty to suffering and understanding to us all.

email: info@AlliWoodsFrederick.com
Web: www.alliwoodsfrederick.com


Jeffrey Friedkin - USA

Artists Statement: I enjoy discovering slices of urban life in all of its gritty details and intense colors throughout the seasons. The lush rural landscapes and sparkling seascapes of the Hudson River Valley region equally inspire me. I employ a synthesis of the artistic eye and technology. My work focuses on New York life: the streets, people, architecture and nature. My images tell these stories.

email: jfried733@gmail.com
Web: www.jeffrey-friedkin.artistwebsites.com


Thomas Han - Taiwan

"Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form." The Blue Christ is one in a series of digital/manual reconfiguration of already-often-seen images, re-assembled in the manner in which DJs might assemble ("sample") pre-recorded sounds in order to create a coherent continuum, understood as music. As such it is an inquiry - by of way Lacans notion of the Symbolic, Imaginary, and the Real - into the nature of that which is perceived as a "sacred" (or "vile") image, and how it causes the viewers to project their own phantasmagoric ("delusional") hallucinations unto a form/image that neither has specific content nor is void of it, but is activated to the degree to which the viewers can draw from both scholarship (history, iconography, psychology, and theology), and personal imagination.

email: noisiax@yahoo.com


Anne Harkness - USA

Artist Statement:
Anne Harkness 2016

A native of Charlotte, NC, Anne Harkness is an alumnus of the Atlanta College of Art and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Maryland Institute, College of Art. Her work as an art director in New York City for 15 years, has impacted her style with a graphic aspect which can usually be seen in her paintings. More recently, she has studied under Curt Butler, of Gastonia, NC. As a contemporary artist, Anne looks for a unique point of view and often finds some unexpected beauty in what many would consider an ordinary or unattractive setting.

In the past few years, her pieces have been in shows and galleries along the east coast of the US as well as in her local area. She has been featured in American Art Collector Magazine as well as in International Artist Magazine, where she won 2nd place in their Abstract/Experimental Art competition. Anne also won First Place in Art-Competion.netís ìScapesî and has been featured in the International Artist Directory and Art Market News. She is represented by Providence Gallery, Butler Studios The Upstairs Gallery, and Crossnore Gallery (all located in North Carolina).

Two different series have been Anneís focus lately, Hometown America and Man vs. Nature. She has chosen subjects that have a strong design element possibly due to her graphic design background. Another focus has been the underpinnings or lines she uses to create an image. These lines along with looser marks give a piece a more rustic, unfinished quality. Her interest is to invite the on-looker into each piece...to tarry a while, to enjoy the movement, to make their own discoveries and to allow the mysteries to be revealed.

The elements Anne uses are line, shape and color to support her design focus. The principles that interest her are balance, rhythm and movement. Cause, we gotta dance! Her hope is that you will never tire of your travels through her paintings.

email: annepharkness@gmail.com
Web: www.anneharkness.com


Huiming Hu - China

email: hu.huiming.s@gmail.com
Web: www.celesteprize.com/member/idu:76134/


Ali Khoshkam - Iran

Artists Statement: Blue Box
The slightest deference between a thing with itself figures as the outer appearance that can ligament the unique individual subject and pure revenant.

As Heidegger said ìexistence is the subtle existentialistic deference between existence and existentî.
The concept which might guide us to the final appearance of ìspecial objectî.
This slight deference might shape two deferent aspect of ìone thingî.
In this series of my works I was looking for the tiny incision ìslight deferenceî in the current situation which surroundes me.
Ali Khoshkam

email: ali_khoshkam@yahoo.com


Erwin Lewandowski - USA

Artists Statement: Falling Water VII is a rendering of river currents slowly moving over a rock ledge. Soft pastel blue colors are quietly displaced by the rivers descent and replaced by a collection of new patterns, shapes, and colors.

Web: www.erwinplewandowski.com


Susan Ressler - USA

Artists Statement: From a book project entitled Understanding Israel: Jaffa is More than Oranges, with more information posted on my weebly.com site. This image uses the color blue to refer to the kick of a caffeinated soft drink and the sexually suggestive magazines on the rack. Ironically, Blue can also signify the Virgin Mary.

email: artemis@newmex.com
Web: www.susanressler.weebly.com


Nel tenWolde - Australia

Artists Statement: Indigo blue is a colour you can look into almost see through to the other end, so deep it invites you to experience the mystery of it. Hidden Layers IV and II are a paintings were I have expressed the mysterious layers of nets over landscape using the blues in different shades.

email: n.tenwolde@gmail.com
Web: www.neltenwolde.com


Lucretia Torva - USA

Artists Statement:
The three Rís: Realism, Reflection and Refraction. These have been informing my art since my last year of my BFA. Glass, mirrors, mylar, metal, silk, brocade, leather, water and skin have all played a part in my search for that wonderful tease of distorted visual reality.

I have always created realistic art, sometimes more surreal, other times more straightforward. My desire is to prompt people to look at their own environment with more care and attention, to really SEE what is around them. We all experience our world through our senses. I believe that being very sensually attuned brings us to a greater spiritual awareness.

Deep spiritual experience aside, I also enjoy entertaining people. Art can be an escapist experience, pulling the viewer away from their everyday habits. This is a very important aspect of the experience of art. We all need to be jolted out of our complaisance, stimulated out of ordinarinessÖ.brought to life with a breath of fresh air. With my realism, I offer a different perspective or viewpoint.
Cars have been an important subject for the last 5-6 years. I use the subject of cars to tap into peopleís emotions, sentiment and psyche. Cars represent some of the best in humans...their creativity and ingenuity! In addition, they are beautiful and attractive and entertaining. The reflections, shine and realism of the cars elicit ìooohsî and ìaaaahsî from viewers. The sparkle and smile on a face tells me Ive done my job! A car is an iconic American experience representing freedom, individuality, cutting edge technology, competition, luxury, speed, brotherhood, camaraderie, family, unity, teamwork and on and on.

The water paintings are a great example of that distorted visual reality I seek. The water helps to create a fantasy, dream-like scene. The scenes push my choice of colors and the extent to which I am willing to distort something I am familiar with in everyday life.

email: torafineart.com
Web: www.torafineart.com