Gallery 25N's dedication is to the success of the artists' exhibited in our virtual gallery.

All artwork sales do not incur "gallery commission"; all sales transactions and communications between the artist and our clients are direct and private.

Each exhibition and participating artist/ photographer have international marketing via email campaigns and social media listings. These targeted campaigns reach a vast audience worldwide. Over the past eighteen years, our audience and clientele developed into a targeted list of over 500,000 art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial property developers, interior designers, curators, commercial galleries, and art lovers.

Social media exposure of the artists and exhibits are targeted to dedicated groups via Google Plus, LinkedIn, TalkArt, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Etc. These listings provide positive exposure to the artist with backlinks to their work in exhibitions and websites.

Exhibiting at Gallery 25N allows artists to add significant credentials to their CV, Biography, and Art Resume. Expanding professional fine art experience is vital to increasing art sales and receiving commissions from patrons.

Copyright to all artwork exhibited at remains the sole property of the exhibiting artist.